New Website

Hi Everyone!  I have my own website now!

Everything that you loved about this blog will be even better over at Embracing Life: Writing for Joy.

If you have subscribed to this page, please, please come on over to my new site and subscribe and follow me there!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone.



Under Construction

Hello All,

It’s been a while, but growing a baby human can be quite exhausting at times. On an exciting front there’s only about 5 weeks left until Baby T makes his way earthside. I know that once he is born things will be even more wonderfully hectic. Between preparing for the baby and house hunting for our new forever home I haven’t been online very much.

Hopefully, there is some more exciting news in the works on the house front, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself yet. Stay tuned!

As many of you know I am in the process of writing my memoir of the adventures Richie and I have shared focusing on a lot of our time in Japan. I’m considering switching gears slightly and focusing a bit more on how anxiety has affected our journey.

I am also in the process of constructing my own website and online portfolio. A friend reached out to me requesting some editing help recently. I realized I don’t have any kind of portfolio or list of services for my freelance work. (I can do anything from ghost writing assistance to editing to constructing professional resumes if anyone is looking for some help).

I’m hoping this blog will be a main focus once I finish my new website so don’t go anywhere! I appreciate all the love and encouragement everyone always gives here and thanks for sticking with me.




The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi Everyone!

It’s December (finally? already?)! Another year is coming to a close and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by. First and most importantly, my little girl is turning TWO in just a few days.  Where did the time go? I’m incredibly amazed at how quickly she has turned from a baby to a smart, loving little kid. She talks up a storm and is a great helper around the house.

Which is wonderful because come June I will need a big helper around the house! We are having our second little miracle! We announced our pregnancy over Thanksgiving and it was met with such joy. There is something special about being able to see the happiness on people’s faces when you announce good news. I will be entering my second trimester in just a few days (14 weeks coming up on Wednesday). As many pregnant ladies know this is a big milestone in a healthy pregnancy. For me, the first trimester has seemed incredibly long because we found out when I was only 3 to 4 weeks along. Technology is amazing these days! With Sophia I was almost 6 weeks before we had our first positive test. Anyway, I’m excited that I’m starting to show and have had several successful doctors appointments.  Baby Choo (like choo choo train) is healthy and growing right on track.

Also, this time of the year I give so much thanks to be home in the States. The holidays always made me homesick when we lived overseas. It’s great to be able to see our family frequently and especially at Christmas. I’m also thankful for my new job. I am able to hone my writing skills, help others, and work from home to be with my baby girl and baby bump.

I hope everyone is well!









The Turner Update

Today, on Emu Turner Update:

It’s been a while since I have had a free moment to sit down at my laptop. I’m always glued to my phone, but I feel like I never actually make time to sit and write. I try to keep up with each one of my lovely friends and family members, but the days go by so fast.

We had a lovely summer. Jayden came from Ohio to visit us. We went to Ocean City and spent lots of time down the Shore House. When August ended Richie and I decided we would move back into Mom’s house for a while to save some money and begin the search for a house hunt. After years of renting and military housing we are ready to find “our” home. Sophia is thrilled to have her “Lala” and “Pop-pop” with her every day now though. She sure keep us all on our toes! There is a huge part of me that is super excited about finding a house and I wish we were ready to buy one NOW. The other part of me doesn’t want to rush it. It’s a huge commitment; the wandering Turners would be putting roots down after FIVE years of moving from place to place. I’m sure we will find the right place after a while.

The beautiful Sophia (“Fifi” as she calls herself) will be two in a few months and I can’t help, but feel sad. My little baby, my tiny munchie, is now a walking,talking kid. She speaks so clearly sometimes it’s hard to remember she’s not yet two. It’s true what people say “you never know until you have kids of your own.” Yup! I would never have known how much I could be amazed and in awe of one tiny human. She’s funny, she laughs all the time, she is compassionate and is always giving out “huggies.” She can destroy a clean house faster than the Tasmanian Devil. :-). But she’s amazing and We made that (Richie Turner, I think we are doing pretty good).

I’m not the perfect Pinterest mom. I’m sure that we spend too much time inside some days and that I give her too much candy on others, but hey we are having fun! She teaches me new things every day including patience and compassion. Being a parent has also taught me that I need to listen and compromise (even though my hubby knows I’m STUBBORN! love you babe!). I can’t imagine our life without this little beautiful girl. She definitely fills our hearts with joy every day!

Richie Turner is working hard as ever. During the day he works as a newspaper man by the byline of Clark Kent. No, that’s not right.  He’s a reclusive billionaire who wants capture criminals and save Gotham, mmmm still not right. He is an amazing father who works full-time during and attends college at night pursuing a degree in Education. And he’s the best and Sophia and I are blessed to have him in our lives. He also has some wonderful charity projects and is working on starting a foundation for volunteer works at The Good Among the Wicked. You can follow him and catch up with him over at Mankind is Great.

As for me, I’m just trying to figure it all out. Applying for part-time jobs, submitting freelance stuff, and keeping my toddler happy and healthy all keep me busy during business hours. Weekends and evenings I love to spend with my hubby and baby exploring the great, wide world Maryland.

Hopefully, I won’t wait another month to update, but who knows. One last thing….in case I haven’t told you all…you are loved <3. Be kind to each other. 14 years ago today we were reminded that life can change in an instant. So say a prayer for those we have lost and tell someone you love them today. And be thankful that people have given their lives for these good things we have. *Never Forget*


The Dream Job

I never imagined I would be a stay at home mother. I never imagined that I would find so much joy in being with one little tiny person day in and day out. I guess that’s motherhood. My mother used to say, “You’ll never understand until you have kids of your own.” (You know your mom said it too). I would just laugh and brush her off. I knew everything. I knew that she just didn’t understand ME or MY FEELINGS.  Wrong again. My mother was right. (Hear that, Mom?). I never understood how much love I could feel for my own child. So I’m glad that I have been given the opportunity to stay home with her. I haven’t worked outside of my home in almost two years. And I’m eternally grateful for that.

But, as I mentioned in my previous post I have been job hunting and looking at opportunities for writing and editing. I LOVE writing. I really do. It’s been my creative outlet for twenty years. I also love being home with my baby girl. She’s still my baby and I want to be here for her during the day. We are still proudly breastfeeding at 19 months old and I know it would be hard on both of us for me to be gone all day. (Oh yes, Happy World Breastfeeding Week!). I’ve been submitting article after article for publication as well as applying to writing and editing positions. I have even had one decent interview, but no luck so far. I have also been working on my memoir. I’d love to be able to work from home to still have time with Sophie.

It’s not truly about money. Though, being paid to write would be ideal. It’s more about keeping up with the other parts of me. I’m not just a mother (though I am devoted to that part of me) and I’m not just a wife (also one of my favorite parts of life). I am many things among them a devoted mother, wife, daughter, and friend. I’m also a writer and (if my husband is to be believed) I’m pretty good at it. I’d like to keep writing, share my words, express myself in that way, and grow in my craft.

Yes, I’d love to get paid for it too.

I know there really is no “dream job”, but there is something out there for me, I hope. Something that I can do to share my writing and editing skills. To take the passion in my heart and the knowledge from 7 plus years of schooling and do something amazing with it. Know what I mean?

Living and Learning

As promised, I said I would try to write blogs more often…every day if I can manage it or at least every week. Today was an interesting day at work, lots of learning going on. First, I had a long discussion with the graphic artist/designer who will be designing the layout for my next and possibly last feature article before the baby comes. It is a cooking feature and I am thankful that I have had some wonderful help on this. Two people from our office helped with all the preparation and cooking (they are Okinawan so it was a great help to have someone who actually knew and practiced cooking Okinawan dishes) and our artist who did a lot of the food styling and laying out for the photo shoot and of course our photographer! I would have been so lost had I not had such wonderful help. Anyway, we were discussing my article and I realized I learn so much when working with a team. Each person has something great to contribute and teaches me in so many ways. I think this article will be awesome.

Later, in the afternoon we had a training session in photography and learned about how to use our camera with manual settings and what many of those settings mean. It was very interesting because I can’t say I have ever shot on manual settings except in college for journalism and I wasn’t very good at it. I learned a lot and I feel like I’d be more confident taking pictures and trying new things to get a decent picture rather than sticking with auto mode all the time.

Lastly, I have learned so many baby things in the past few weeks. It’s a challenge to decide what we will need in the first six months because we will be PCS ing back to the States and don’t need everything here that early. All of the big furniture, cribs, dressers, high chairs will all go to Mom’s or wait to be bought until we get home. The necessities like the stroller, car seat, pack and play and bassinet with all come to our house here…I mean the bug has to sleep somewhere ;-). Of course, any clothes, bottles, blankets and all will come here so she will be pampered and comfortable. I’m excited and happy that we are able to pamper our little one and spend time with her without me having to go into work every day at least while she is in the first few months of her life.

I’m glad that I’m alive and learning new things each day….pregnancy has been a challenge for me because I haven’t felt great, but I’m excited know our daughter (EEEE!!) will be here in less than 5 months!

The Miracle of Technology!

It is truly a miracle. It’s only two weeks later and I’m posting again :). Baby bug and I are entering our 18th week of pregnancy and I can finally say its getting a bit better. I have terrible heartburn, but I’m excited to soon feel the baby move and find out if its our little boy or our little girl. I’m starting to get really impatient. I’ve started my baby registry, but it only has a few items on it. I add a few more each day. I know the closer it gets to December the more stuff, we will accumulate. I’m still working so far, it’s been a busy few weeks and gets busier still. I have turned in everything for print for this month, but I’m about to jump into a new feature about cooking with local ingredients-how to cook an Okinawan meal. It should be fun, as long as I don’t burn the whole dinner.  I’ve also recently started a new class, I am halfway through my Master’s program now at class 6-Poetry. It’s pretty fun, alot more work than I expected, but I think I like it. Next semester it will be a the last literature course-American Modernism. Then, I will probably take a short break to have the baby and move back to the States, but as soon as we are on American soil I will be jumping right back in for my last 5 classes! Where does the time go? I can’t believe that we have less than a year left here. It seems like just yesterday, that we were leaving America to live here, now we are getting ready to come home! I think its a miracle that I can keep up with all my loved ones near and far through this blog and the internet. When I skype with my mom, she always wants to see my belly :). Hopefully, the next time I post everyone will know if Baby Turner is a boy or a girl! 18 weeks and counting. Come on, December.