Getting along

Hello fellow bloggers, readers and friends! I know it’s been a few weeks since I have posted, but I have hit a bit of a rough spot with my anxiety. I felt a bit sick and went to the doctor a few times, but everyone kept assuring me that it was just pregnancy related aches and pains. Then, Richie had to leave for a little bit (don’t worry he’s back). I started having some trouble sleeping and not feeling like myself. My anxiety over many things, my health and how the baby is growing mostly and feeling on edge has been very tough the past few weeks. I’ve been working on some calm breathing and relaxation. The good news is that at the last appointment, Baby Sophia was growing perfectly, my heart rate and blood pressure were normal and things are progressing along well. Only 11-15 weeks until we meet our baby girl.

I usually like to include happy things for my posts but today I’m asking that all my prayer warriors or spiritual friends say a prayer or send good vibes to me, Richie and baby bug! I need to keep my strength up and my anxiety way, way down so that baby bug can have a nice cozy time growing while we wait for her! This is a huge favor for me, but I know I have great friends and family out there who will help send me peace and tranquility and prayer. I appreciate it :). Also, send some good vibes to my Richie bug as he is my rock and lighthouse in the storm. Thank you, Richie bug for always being there for me and helping me make each day a great one. I love you <3.

On a happy note, I finished one more class with an A I am halfway through my graduate program! Here’s a funny little poem I wrote for class. Thanks everyone!


When my husband went on a business trip

I didn’t know how to keep myself busy,

So I decided to start preparing

For the newest member of our household.

I scoured clothing stores and yard sales

And I searched across the web.

Every time I saw something cute

I bought it without a second thought.

I didn’t stop to think about my spending

Or the amount of space in her room

I bought everything in sight.

Now, I’m buried in baby clothes

And my husband’s coming home soon.


Healing is contagious… once inspired, anything is possible!

Team Inspiration is a nonprofit organization that provides online and community-based resources to promote the healing process and foster a better quality of life for persons living with illness. It is our belief that we should help and inspire one another in our life journey, especially when faced with challenging circumstances. In addition, TEAM INSPIRATION will work in partnership with other nonprofits who share similar missions such as the American Cancer Society, the Livestrong Foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

When you click on the Team Inspiration home page their mission statement is the first thing you see. Team Inspiration is a foundation started by my Aunt Roseann, my dad’s sister, an amazing aunt and a pretty phenomenal triathlete as well.  Her dear friend, Kristen, a fellow triathlete, was diagnosed with cancer about ten years ago and Roseann became her caregiver.  Roseann and Kristen spent two and a half years on a journey together while Kristen was fighting cancer through treatments and ultimately beating it to become a survivor today.  During the treatments and sickness, they learned that beating the disease was not the end of the journey. Healing and recovering were also a huge part.  The mission of Team Inspiration is to help those with cancer, cancer survivors and families on a journey of hope and healing.   Aunt Roseann is now an oncology nurse at University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center.

Healing is much more in addition to medicine and our mission is to help those who need healing explore their needs and deliver resources that serve to heal body, mind, and spirit. This includes exercise, and alternative modalities such as meditation and yoga.

She has so inspired her patients and her co-workers that they even wrote an article about her journey and Team Inspiration.  It’s an amazing article, especially for a family member to read because it’s uplifting to hear that not only has she touched the lives of our family but so many others as well.

That’s a great story, you say?  Yes, I think it is too. Now you are wondering why I am writing about this. Well, let me tell you.

When I was in the tenth grade, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He was forty-five years old.  My mom along with my Aunt Roseann helped him get through all of the chemotherapy, radiation and heart break.  I know that for a man who took pride in taking care of his family, it was difficult to become so vulnerable.  My dad passed away two years later from complications due to the cancer.  I was 17 years old.

Team Inspiration to me is hope. Everyone can come together and support one another whether we are fighting cancer,  survivors, family members, friends or anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.

In August, I will be running a 5k as part of a Team Inspiration relay team in the Iron Girl triathlon.  This is my first race and I will need all the support I can get.  I have also been asked to work with Team Inspiration as a writer and editor (yay!) to write the stories of cancer patients, survivors and members of Team Inspiration.

Please show your support by spreading the word about Team Inspiration! We can all heal together. Together, we can do anything.

Check it out on Facebook!

xo Aly