Writing Begets Writing

So I haven’t written much in the last six months. I seem to go in small spurts of writing every day to not writing at all. It’s one of those simple matters of letting life get in the way. I try not to do that, but it happens anyway.

I’ve noticed that the more I push myself to write (even if its just a blog post here and there), the  more I want to write. Writing is as much a part of me as being a wife and mother are. The words are all floating around inside my soul waiting to be written out. I have honestly felt more relaxed and happy than I have in months when I carve out some time to write each day.

Today was awesome because I was able to put some of my creative writing/editing skills into action. A friend of mine from back in the day (which, is a Wednesday, by the way) reached out to me over social media to see if I could do some editing for his new company blog. Viola, I am a productive member of society today! If it’s possible sometimes I forget how much I love writing and editing. As if the 4 years in undergrad and the 2 plus years in graduate school weren’t enough to tell me that writing is my passion, it’s like my brain just forgets. Then it all comes back to me, my passion (along with being a wife and mother) is to write. As easily as breathing, here come the words, the inspiration, the life force.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of what we love. Especially those of us with pregnancy brain!

❤ Aly

PS My husband reminds me every day that I should be doing more writing, but sometimes I get distracted by his handsome face and lumberjack beard and forget what he’s saying 😉 love you bug.


Finally Friday!

I worked hard this week. I probably say that often, but this week I accomplished a lot in the way of work. I had my clubs back page to do (a monthly advertorial that lists events going on at our clubs/restaurants), and my feature story. To many, this may not seem like a huge deal, but to me it is. I can become somewhat of a perfectionist, in the way that I worry that my work isn’t complete even when it’s finished. This was a challenging article for me to write as well because the subject was cooking, and to be honest I’m a pretty boring cook. I usually stick to noodles, steak and chicken. So this was a learning experience for me as well as a feature article for my job. The article itself won’t come out for another month, but the text version is complete….now for design, layout, editing and printing, but fortunately, these tasks are for my teammates here and the printing company. Either way, I’m glad to say that I finally have a completed draft, though it may change between now and then, it feels good to have something finished.

I counted and over the course of 21 months I have written 6 features, 2 photo essays and three restaurant reviews (not to mention the advertisements and event advertorials I have done). Not to shabby, I’d say. I feel that a quality in myself that I have to work on is to speak up and propose my ideas for articles, in that way I think I’d get more writing experience and coverage. For a first writing job after college I think I have done pretty well. I’ll have to remember this for my next job interview, when they ask about a situation or quality in your work that you would like to improve….I definitely want to speak up and share more ideas with the team instead of being shy or even timid. I hope that the next job I take whenever we move back to the States offers me great flexibility and creative room. To see my name in print offering some really interesting topics (sumi-e painting, various restaurant reviews and food reviews, traveling around Okinawa on public transportation, snakes!) that I most likely would not have considered writing about on my own personal time. I also hope that this blog shows my dedication to writing (Hello Future Employer! Pick Me!) and the passion I have for all types of writing.

To some people, it may sound crazy, but it’s all I ever wanted to do…write poems, write stories and these days write non-fiction features. I never really enjoyed my newswriting classes, but I made up for it in my magazine and feature courses. I knew that these were the perfect mix of truth, yet telling the story in a creative way. I think that journalism as well as story telling is essential to us. Journalism reports the truth, but stories, legends and tales all give us a break from reality when the world seems too dim.

I’m glad it’s Friday, the bug is keeping me awake at night. Richie has baseball for a few hours, so I think I will cuddle up on the couch and watch NCIS after I get home from work. I’m also going to post some of my previous articles from the magazine if anyone missed them the first time around.

Define Passionate


[pash-un-it] adj.

1.having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid. From Dictionary.com.

That sounds about right. I know this because next to the word passionate in the dictionary is a picture of yours truly.

Ok, maybe not but it could be.

Has you ever been asked to describe yourself in three words or less? On an application or at an interview?  You think to yourself, “How in the world do I describe myself? Well, I’m nice and responsible….ummm”.

It never seems to fit just right does it? I always had the same problem until I truly sat down and thought it over. I realized that no matter what, there is always something in my life that I feel passionate about.   That doesn’t mean that I run around fighting for worthy causes all the time or throwing myself into politics but it does mean that I feel strongly about many things.

Today I am passionate about this blog. I truly want it to do well.  Rarely, am I at a loss for words and keeping a blog not only makes is possible for me to share my words with the world but to keep up with something that makes me feel good. I spent a good half hour searching for the perfect photo for my header image.  I finally found one of my final project images from Photojournalism; one of my first by lines as an intern at Baltimore Magazine.

That photo still gives me a sense of pride that will never be replaced. It was one of those moments where you realize that your passion, isn’t just a silly dream or wishful thinking. I realized that the years of scribbling in journals, scrawling poetry across lined notebook paper and incessantly writing stories might actually become more of a reality.  I want to work in the magazine and publishing industry so much it hurts.  I want to have my own column that people follow. I want to share the things that I am passionate about with everyone else. I want to reach people, even if I only reach one.

love. trust. friendship. hope. happiness. peace.family.

These are thing things that I am most passionate about….what inspires you?

xo Aly