Life Updates

Hey All!

Just wanted to say hello!

We had our son, Maximus, on Memorial Day. So this summer has been hectic adjusting to life with a newborn and getting ready to move into our very first HOME! That’s right we purchased our own home and finally settle in two weeks. Life is finally starting to get back to “normal”.

I have added a page called Freelance Services. If you click on that tab at the top of my blog you can see just a few of the services that I offer. If you would like to hear more about it, please email me for a complete list of services and pricing. I’m more than happy to work with you on anything you need.

I hope to have a link to my portfolio and my pricing list added soon.

Stay tuned for more news!



Under Construction

Hello All,

It’s been a while, but growing a baby human can be quite exhausting at times. On an exciting front there’s only about 5 weeks left until Baby T makes his way earthside. I know that once he is born things will be even more wonderfully hectic. Between preparing for the baby and house hunting for our new forever home I haven’t been online very much.

Hopefully, there is some more exciting news in the works on the house front, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself yet. Stay tuned!

As many of you know I am in the process of writing my memoir of the adventures Richie and I have shared focusing on a lot of our time in Japan. I’m considering switching gears slightly and focusing a bit more on how anxiety has affected our journey.

I am also in the process of constructing my own website and online portfolio. A friend reached out to me requesting some editing help recently. I realized I don’t have any kind of portfolio or list of services for my freelance work. (I can do anything from ghost writing assistance to editing to constructing professional resumes if anyone is looking for some help).

I’m hoping this blog will be a main focus once I finish my new website so don’t go anywhere! I appreciate all the love and encouragement everyone always gives here and thanks for sticking with me.




Some Happy News in a Sad World

Recently some beloved celebrities have passed away from fights with cancer. Even though we don’t know them personally, it sometimes feels like we did because we became so close with their characters/music. Farewell, Alan Rickman and David Bowie, you have touched the lives of many.

In a sad week for movie and music lovers, I have some joyful news to share. Our family is excited to share that we will be welcoming a beautiful, healthy little BOY come June. Yay! My husband and I were both blessed to grow up with brothers by our side and now our beautiful baby girl gets to experience that same joy.

There is nothing like a brother to tease you, drive you crazy, stand up for you, love you, and be your very first best friend. I’m happy that Sophia will have a brother to stand by her and be her friend for their whole lives. We are also super excited to see where our parenting journey takes us from one great little girl to two awesome kids.

This pregnancy has flown by so far. Here’s to the next 20 weeks or so :). I’m going to enjoy this time with Sophia as an only child and hopefully get a bit of writing in here and there!

The Place Between Here and There

If you have looked at my blog or my Facebook in the last few days (weeks) you will have noticed that I’m still pregnant and that I’ve reached the point where all I want is to give birth and meet my daughter. There are two major points to this stage of my life. 1. I am not a fan of being pregnant, it has been a difficult, anxiety-ridden journey for me from the beginning…so yes, I am ready for it to be over. I hurt, I am sad, anxious and tired. 2. I want my baby! I’ve known for a long time that I wanted a family with Richie, we have our puppy dog, but I knew that I desperately wanted children to complete our little Turner house. Now, here we are and the only true advice we can take is, “be patient, she will come when she is ready.” And it’s the damndest thing because it is so true…I do not want to rush her or force her out in any way. She’s growing, maturing and preparing herself to enter the big, scary world and I know that takes time and patience.

So here I am, in this in between place of pleading, crying, wishing and praying to meet our little bug when really all I want is for her to be as healthy as she can be. The thing is….it’s hard. Patience is a virtue, but it is not easy to master. On top of that, pregnancy hormones make for a wild, emotional ride into this new chapter in our lives. As my due date approaches in two days, I feel strongly that she will be just a little bit longer than that. And in the scheme of things, it won’t matter if she comes tomorrow or in a week from now, but right now it’s a trying test. The unknown feeling….it’s something I wish I didn’t want to rush. People tell me to enjoy these last moments of silence, pregnancy, this connection with the tiny person who will soon be here, but don’t judge, I’m ready to meet her now.

In my reading today, I came across this article by a midwife about this very thing…it’s comforting in a way that this transition is a metamorphosis…for now I just hope to hold onto some peace and patience for a little bit longer.


The Miracle of Technology!

It is truly a miracle. It’s only two weeks later and I’m posting again :). Baby bug and I are entering our 18th week of pregnancy and I can finally say its getting a bit better. I have terrible heartburn, but I’m excited to soon feel the baby move and find out if its our little boy or our little girl. I’m starting to get really impatient. I’ve started my baby registry, but it only has a few items on it. I add a few more each day. I know the closer it gets to December the more stuff, we will accumulate. I’m still working so far, it’s been a busy few weeks and gets busier still. I have turned in everything for print for this month, but I’m about to jump into a new feature about cooking with local ingredients-how to cook an Okinawan meal. It should be fun, as long as I don’t burn the whole dinner.  I’ve also recently started a new class, I am halfway through my Master’s program now at class 6-Poetry. It’s pretty fun, alot more work than I expected, but I think I like it. Next semester it will be a the last literature course-American Modernism. Then, I will probably take a short break to have the baby and move back to the States, but as soon as we are on American soil I will be jumping right back in for my last 5 classes! Where does the time go? I can’t believe that we have less than a year left here. It seems like just yesterday, that we were leaving America to live here, now we are getting ready to come home! I think its a miracle that I can keep up with all my loved ones near and far through this blog and the internet. When I skype with my mom, she always wants to see my belly :). Hopefully, the next time I post everyone will know if Baby Turner is a boy or a girl! 18 weeks and counting. Come on, December.