Reaching Out

Have you ever wanted to help somebody?

You know someone who needs a boost in life, a great person with dreams and aspirations and love who needs to get back on there feet, and you know in your heart that you want to do something for them.

I do.

Sometimes I wish I was wealthy or won the lottery or hit it big on the stock market because then I could just give to people who need help. Charities, schools, people, whoever it may be. Unfortunately, I haven’t it it big yet. (I’m still hoping).

There’s a family in need that I know personally. Loss of employment for a few months set them back in bills a lot. Now this goodhearted woman (single mother) has a new job (Yay!), but could use a little help getting her bills caught up. If we had the money we would say, “Hey, here ya go!” But like I said I haven’t hit it big just yet.

It’s been a rough couple of years for this family, being homeless and having to stay with friends, moving from place to place having to start over. But last year, she was able to purchase a small, safe home and start a decent full-time job. This job didn’t work out unfortunately and she was left with mortgage, electric, water, and car payment. It might not seem like much, but these bills add up fast when you aren’t bringing any money in. Currently, they can’t even stay in their home because the electricity has been shut off. The electric company won’t turn it back on until they pay $600.

I’ve done what I can by helping with job applications, resume writing, and calling around to local charity organizations to find help with utility payments, but there has been no luck yet. With her new job, she will be able to start paying down her bills, but this is an immediate need. The electric needs to be turned back on, the water bill ($186) needs to be paid off or they will shut the water off too, and her mortgage is a few months behind. It is hard to be living out of a suitcase, not being able to sleep in your own home, cook in your own home, and basically have your own space. A little bit of financial help could get this family back on their feet in no time.

This isn’t a sob story, and there are many people out there who face these struggles daily. I’d like to help everyone, but I’ll just start with one family and hope I make a difference. So I’m reaching out here.I want to teach my daughter the power of giving and sharing. If you are able, please donate to the Go Fund Me account I’ve started. If you are not able to donate, please share this link with family, friends, friends or friends, or even strangers in your network. The more people can see it, the more likely we are to get donations to help!

Please Share! Raising Money for a family in need!

Thank you all for reading and God Bless!

xo Aly



I have all of these wonderful ideas for chapters in my memoir, To The Ends of the Earth, but I always seem to make up excuses to delay writing in it. The most prevalent one is that I don’t have Word on my laptop. The second lame reason is that the draft is on my old laptop and that would require me to go plug it in, turn it on and use that or move the draft to my husband’s computer. Each of these things would take me approximately five minutes to do, but I lack motivation. It’s extremely easy to procrastinate for some people (I am one of those people). This has got me thinking….what does everyone else do for motivation? How do you encourage yourself to do something you know will be helpful, good for you and even enjoyable when you lack the energy?

I’ve thought about it and I think, for me, the key is to set a goal. If you have no end goal in sight than how can you expect to push yourself? I really want to write my memoir. In a few semesters, I want to develop this memoir in my thesis classes. This means I have to start somewhere.  I never imagined actually “writing.” This may not make sense to some, but I’m sure my colleagues and classmates understand this to a degree. I am forever writing down little plot lines or phrases or even short stories, but nothing that I considered viable. At work, I would write articles that had a specific topic, a beginning and an end and a deadline.

This memoir is my own personal story, its not only something I am creating, but something that I am living right now. 

So what does everyone else do when they are struggling for motivation? Let me know.