Under Construction

Hello All,

It’s been a while, but growing a baby human can be quite exhausting at times. On an exciting front there’s only about 5 weeks left until Baby T makes his way earthside. I know that once he is born things will be even more wonderfully hectic. Between preparing for the baby and house hunting for our new forever home I haven’t been online very much.

Hopefully, there is some more exciting news in the works on the house front, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself yet. Stay tuned!

As many of you know I am in the process of writing my memoir of the adventures Richie and I have shared focusing on a lot of our time in Japan. I’m considering switching gears slightly and focusing a bit more on how anxiety has affected our journey.

I am also in the process of constructing my own website and online portfolio. A friend reached out to me requesting some editing help recently. I realized I don’t have any kind of portfolio or list of services for my freelance work. (I can do anything from ghost writing assistance to editing to constructing professional resumes if anyone is looking for some help).

I’m hoping this blog will be a main focus once I finish my new website so don’t go anywhere! I appreciate all the love and encouragement everyone always gives here and thanks for sticking with me.





The Third Trimester

Hello Again, World

I’m up before everyone else again because – pregnancy insomnia – haha. I don’t know if that’s really what it is called, but it makes sleeping very hard to do. I think Sophia woke up 100 times last night as well. She’s snoring in the bedroom now. Anyway, as my fellow Moms know, it’s tough to get comfortable when you have a giant belly. Flip flop from one side to the other, put a hundred pillows around you, try to lay on your back, but you can’t because the baby crushes your veins. It’s a challenge. So instead of flopping around in bed trying to sleep I figured I’d just get up.

I’m really excited because this week marks the end of the second trimester and the beginning of the third. What does that mean? That means that there’s just just about 13 weeks until my due date and meeting my little man earthside. YAY! I vowed not to rush this pregnancy, to try to enjoy the little kicking moments and the round belly, but honestly I’m just so very excited to see him. The tremendous joy that we felt when Sophia was finally born is indescribable. I can’t wait for that moment again and this time to have Sophia meeting her baby brother will be amazing.

So I don’t want to rush it, but the beautiful light at the end of this journey is our new baby boy, and a baby brother for our princess. It’s hard not to be excited for the third trimester!

Reach Out …For Ali

Ali asked me how my day was yesterday. Simple question. Simple answer.

It was fine. Sophia and I went outside and played. Took a nap, made dinner.

Pregnancy has taken a toll on me this time as well. More physically. Being at home in winter has enabled me to limit my physical activity to walking across the street to Nana’s or playing in the backyard with Sophia. So really, I’ve gotten big and lazy. haha. That’s okay though, the weather is warming up and Baby boy is only 3 months from arriving earthside. I better get ready.

Anyway, back to Ali, we are like those old timers who sit around and reminisce about the “good ole’ days” which for us meant the days that we used to talk once an hour! I literally knew what she was doing at all times and she knew what I was doing. If one of us ever went missing, they would know to call the other one to find us. Even though we live several states apart and always have. In the true fashion of life, we have both become busy and fill our days with our beautiful families, work, church, school, friends and everything in between. We often go days without talking, although Facebook makes it easy to keep up to date on each other. We have been lucky enough to get together two summers in a row! Since we made it back from Japan and it’s been great. Our little girls are the same age as one another, they have as much fun as we do I think. This summer I’ll have a newborn in June, but hopefully in August Ali and company will make it down to the Shore house in Maryland and stay for a few days (Come on, Ali and Robert, free place to stay right on the water, fishing, crabbing, swimming in the creek).

I’d like to try to close the distance. The one thing from the “good ole days” I want to bring back. More connection with people I love. Especially in the days that we are so connected, it shouldn’t be so hard to keep in touch. After our talk last night Ali told me to get a new mouse for my laptop so I could write more. And I did. I charged the laptop, plugged in the mouse and here I am. My vow, to Ali, and to all of you.

Life tends to get in the way of living. But I promise that no matter where I am and what I’m doing, the ones I love are always on my mind. If you don’t hear from me, start bugging me, text me, call me, send me an email. Chances are I will be responding back right away because I needed to hear from a friend just a much.

We all do. We all need to be that person to reach out. But just in case your friend hasn’t made the first move, go ahead. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. As always my friends, I love you. Share your light with others and start with people you love the most.

And to Ali, thanks for always being my best friend near and far.

Some Happy News in a Sad World

Recently some beloved celebrities have passed away from fights with cancer. Even though we don’t know them personally, it sometimes feels like we did because we became so close with their characters/music. Farewell, Alan Rickman and David Bowie, you have touched the lives of many.

In a sad week for movie and music lovers, I have some joyful news to share. Our family is excited to share that we will be welcoming a beautiful, healthy little BOY come June. Yay! My husband and I were both blessed to grow up with brothers by our side and now our beautiful baby girl gets to experience that same joy.

There is nothing like a brother to tease you, drive you crazy, stand up for you, love you, and be your very first best friend. I’m happy that Sophia will have a brother to stand by her and be her friend for their whole lives. We are also super excited to see where our parenting journey takes us from one great little girl to two awesome kids.

This pregnancy has flown by so far. Here’s to the next 20 weeks or so :). I’m going to enjoy this time with Sophia as an only child and hopefully get a bit of writing in here and there!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi Everyone!

It’s December (finally? already?)! Another year is coming to a close and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by. First and most importantly, my little girl is turning TWO in just a few days.  Where did the time go? I’m incredibly amazed at how quickly she has turned from a baby to a smart, loving little kid. She talks up a storm and is a great helper around the house.

Which is wonderful because come June I will need a big helper around the house! We are having our second little miracle! We announced our pregnancy over Thanksgiving and it was met with such joy. There is something special about being able to see the happiness on people’s faces when you announce good news. I will be entering my second trimester in just a few days (14 weeks coming up on Wednesday). As many pregnant ladies know this is a big milestone in a healthy pregnancy. For me, the first trimester has seemed incredibly long because we found out when I was only 3 to 4 weeks along. Technology is amazing these days! With Sophia I was almost 6 weeks before we had our first positive test. Anyway, I’m excited that I’m starting to show and have had several successful doctors appointments.  Baby Choo (like choo choo train) is healthy and growing right on track.

Also, this time of the year I give so much thanks to be home in the States. The holidays always made me homesick when we lived overseas. It’s great to be able to see our family frequently and especially at Christmas. I’m also thankful for my new job. I am able to hone my writing skills, help others, and work from home to be with my baby girl and baby bump.

I hope everyone is well!









The Missing Piece

When I was in school, rather when I was taking class for my MA I was always writing. I wrote short stories, I wrote blogs, I wrote marketing plans, I wrote essays…it was part of the job I guess. Studying to be a better writer forced me to actually be a writer. Imagine that?

In the six months since I graduated I haven’t done very much writing. Why? I have been chasing a very active and independent little girl around. This isn’t an excuse…just a fact. I don’t usually sit down in front of the computer because there are lots of other things to do (like trying to get ready to leave the house). This morning is a surprise. I didn’t sleep well last night. I was exhausted by 9 p.m. We crawled into bed and all fell asleep fairly quickly. Then, starting at midnight I was just awake on and off. Finally, at 6 a.m. I just decided to get up. I snuck out of bed (somehow a little girl had climbed into my bed and was stealing all my pillows) without waking anyone up. Now, I’m here. Even though it’s early and even though I will probably regret not sleeping more later I’m glad to be writing.

No matter which way I spin it, I miss writing. I miss pouring out my thoughts onto paper and turning my jumbled mess of a mind into clear, articulate words. It’s the missing piece in my life. I need to try harder (Don’t we all?). I need to make time for myself, for my writing. It’s just so easy to put it all on the back burner. Whether you are a mother, a father, whether you work from home or out of the office, whether you love what you do or you don’t…it’s easy to push the passion aside.

There’s work to be done, there’s kids to be raised, there’s laundry and cleaning and cooking. It’s Saturday and it’s time to rake leaves or go grocery shopping. Oh, it’s bed time again. It’s time to get up and start all over. But, where does that leave you? The chapter you wanted to complete, that essay you’ve been meaning to submit, or like me that blog that keeps getting neglected. For me, it is the missing piece. It’s the thing I shouldn’t be pushing aside. Laundry can wait. During nap time I shouldn’t just look at Facebook or fold the clothes. I should take a quiet moment and write something.

So should you…

If it’s not writing, what’s your missing piece? Don’t let it be forgotten again today.

The Turner Update

Today, on Emu Turner Update:

It’s been a while since I have had a free moment to sit down at my laptop. I’m always glued to my phone, but I feel like I never actually make time to sit and write. I try to keep up with each one of my lovely friends and family members, but the days go by so fast.

We had a lovely summer. Jayden came from Ohio to visit us. We went to Ocean City and spent lots of time down the Shore House. When August ended Richie and I decided we would move back into Mom’s house for a while to save some money and begin the search for a house hunt. After years of renting and military housing we are ready to find “our” home. Sophia is thrilled to have her “Lala” and “Pop-pop” with her every day now though. She sure keep us all on our toes! There is a huge part of me that is super excited about finding a house and I wish we were ready to buy one NOW. The other part of me doesn’t want to rush it. It’s a huge commitment; the wandering Turners would be putting roots down after FIVE years of moving from place to place. I’m sure we will find the right place after a while.

The beautiful Sophia (“Fifi” as she calls herself) will be two in a few months and I can’t help, but feel sad. My little baby, my tiny munchie, is now a walking,talking kid. She speaks so clearly sometimes it’s hard to remember she’s not yet two. It’s true what people say “you never know until you have kids of your own.” Yup! I would never have known how much I could be amazed and in awe of one tiny human. She’s funny, she laughs all the time, she is compassionate and is always giving out “huggies.” She can destroy a clean house faster than the Tasmanian Devil. :-). But she’s amazing and We made that (Richie Turner, I think we are doing pretty good).

I’m not the perfect Pinterest mom. I’m sure that we spend too much time inside some days and that I give her too much candy on others, but hey we are having fun! She teaches me new things every day including patience and compassion. Being a parent has also taught me that I need to listen and compromise (even though my hubby knows I’m STUBBORN! love you babe!). I can’t imagine our life without this little beautiful girl. She definitely fills our hearts with joy every day!

Richie Turner is working hard as ever. During the day he works as a newspaper man by the byline of Clark Kent. No, that’s not right.  He’s a reclusive billionaire who wants capture criminals and save Gotham, mmmm still not right. He is an amazing father who works full-time during and attends college at night pursuing a degree in Education. And he’s the best and Sophia and I are blessed to have him in our lives. He also has some wonderful charity projects and is working on starting a foundation for volunteer works at The Good Among the Wicked. You can follow him and catch up with him over at Mankind is Great.

As for me, I’m just trying to figure it all out. Applying for part-time jobs, submitting freelance stuff, and keeping my toddler happy and healthy all keep me busy during business hours. Weekends and evenings I love to spend with my hubby and baby exploring the great, wide world Maryland.

Hopefully, I won’t wait another month to update, but who knows. One last thing….in case I haven’t told you all…you are loved <3. Be kind to each other. 14 years ago today we were reminded that life can change in an instant. So say a prayer for those we have lost and tell someone you love them today. And be thankful that people have given their lives for these good things we have. *Never Forget*


How the World Sees You

I think that sometimes we get really down on ourselves for our flaws (real or imaginary). We are so hard on ourselves, more so than anyone else. I am guilty of this.

That’s why when my husband said he was writing about me for one of his college classes I couldn’t believe it. Why would he choose me out of so many other amazing people he could write about?! The reason is he sees me differently than I see myself.

When I read what he wrote it brought tears to my eyes because it was kind and sweet. It just showed me that even if we see ourselves as a sum of our failings, the people we love are there showing us the reflection of our true hearts. So just remember, you may not see the greatness in yourself, but those who know you do!

A Beautiful Soul

By: Richie

 “It’s a luxury being a writer, because all you ever think about is life.” An English writer named Amy Tan said this and it fits this shoe perfectly. Reading someone’s writing is like looking at their soul on paper. When you read the writing of Alyson T you will not only see her soul but live her stories as well. Transforming lives and outlooks through passion, intelligence and love is what Aly does every single day.

 Ever since Aly was six years old and took her first poetry class she knew that the life of writing was her own. You may say “Six years old? Isn’t that a little young to know what you want to do for the rest of your life?” Now, 20 years later she has a master’s degree in creative writing and is working on completing her memoir as well. Many people who have read her words have had restored feeling of love and happiness for themselves and others. Through writing Aly can take a story that would bring the crickets out and morph it into something that can inspire and encourage. When you hear the commonly known quote “the pen is mightier than the sword” they are talking directly about Alyson. Her total dedication to her writing shows how much she cares about the written word so many of us (including me) take for granted.

 Being born at 29 weeks the life of this woman didn’t start easy. Through breathing machines and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) she prevailed. 2 months later she was released into the world with her mother and father. When she was 18 months old she had Achilles tendon lengthening surgery because she wasn’t walking yet. When she was 2 years old she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Now fast forward 6 years and here is a young girl running around with her leg braces, notebook and pen interviewing everyone with a voice. Through all the trouble and pain she still would show the world how great it is. When she would walk around children would ask her why she walked the way she did. Instead of running away every time and crying she would explain to them her condition and carry on. This true display of courage is common with Aly.

 With a GPA of 3.9 Aly had the choice of going to most any college. When she was choosing her college her dad was very ill and diagnosed with colon cancer. She applied to schools only in the area to be close to her father while he went through this troubling time. In March of her senior year her father passed away. When most people would have curled up and gave up because life was unfair Aly stood strong. Life was crumbling around her, the odds were against her and yet she not only overcame those odds she gained ground. She helped raise her brother, finished college and continued to become what I see as a magnificent writer. She dusted herself off, wiped the tears away and carried on. This display of selflessness, strength and perseverance are what make my wife the woman she is today.

 Aly often shows me that life is better when you have fun while living it. She never says that directly but through all of her merrs, meeps, and other random noises it shows me how to lighten up and live life. When times get tough Aly always has that little smile on her face. The smile that makes you feel like you will never be alone in this world. When I met Aly at her house for the first time ever she looked at me and almost forgot to breathe. Not because I’m good looking or something but because she had so many things going through her mind she forgot to speak! This lead too many little jokes and a constantly amazing time. When we got married she said one thing to me among others that stood out. “I will always love you no matter what.” Little did I know she meant every word she said. To love people unconditionally is no easy feat. We all have some sort of condition on our love for one another in this world. When I say Aly has none I mean none. When she loves someone she will love them forever. Scolding and teaching come natural to her but love is always present. Our 17 month old daughter is a prime example of this.

 Becoming parents is not easy by any means. This is magnified when you are in another country, with no family except your spouse. We had our baby in Okinawa Japan at 23 and 25 years old. We were alone and afraid. The hope of a future generation in your hands is enough to make the toughest man or woman cry. Aly sobbed and sobbed and cried tears of serene happiness. I tell you this because the other half of the family (Me) was freaking out. I had no previous experience with raising children and didn’t know if I would be up to it when it came time. She held us together like glue holds little noodles in a macaroni art project.

 Although there were many trials faced, and overcome, Aly does have one weakness. Her inability to turn away from those in need. With the biggest of hearts comes the most pain and in Aly’s case it is no different. When we first moved back to Maryland in the summer of 2014 we settled in quickly. A few months later I got my first job in Baltimore city. I am telling you this because every day I would drive to work I would see homeless people begging for change or clothes or something and every day I wished I had something more for them. After telling my wife about these people she suggested I do something. The next day we put together a fundraiser called baskets for the homeless to aid some of the people in the city. We collected clothes from companies, money on gofundme.com and donations from family and friends. I tell this story because Aly didn’t seek recognition in all of this. She probably doesn’t even know she was the motivation behind the entire thing starting. She has a way with words that inspires people to become the best they can be. When most would say very big she would say vast, when most would say you should try she says you can do it. That motivational thought process she has helps inspire everyone she comes into contact with. When you see the worst she sees the best and elaborates as to why you are amazing. With dedication to any cause that she sets her mind to she lets the problems come at her and counters with a solution.

 Through thick and through thin Alyson Turner will always be there to lend a hand when a hand is needed. Her kindness, love, passion and selflessness make her stand out in a crowd. Her favorite quote that has been attributed to multiple people is this. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


To my dear husband,

Thank you, my love. For everything, especially for always reflecting the good you see in me. I love you, Richie.

Xo Aly


Fighting the Bad Days

Sometimes I get anxious, sometimes I get so anxious that I barely want to leave the house. I’m working on this and can honestly say that I am feeling much better than I have been. I think the key is to put up a fight against my anxiety. The thing that’s tough is that it is a battle that I must fight every single day. I can’t let myself have one good day and then let the anxiety back in the very next day. I have to wake up every day and make the choice to have a great day. I think for many people that this is as natural as breathing. For me, it used to be very easy, but recently  the stress of pregnancy hormones and having anxiety has made it a new challenge for me. 

The reason that I am writing this out is because I’d like to make myself accountable for my own health and happiness. It’s a lot easier said than done, but I think acknowledging that I am facing an anxiety disorder and working with a behavioral therapist is a step in the right direction.  I want to be a happier, stronger Momma for my little girl. I also don’t ever want her to be afraid and feel the way that I do.

I think that something that needs to be addressed is the shame and guilt people feel when facing anxiety or any other mental health issue. The problem unlike other medical issues people cannot see how it affects you. To me, I am not afraid to share how I feel and I’m not afraid to share my journey, but there are others are afraid. I think that all of us need to be kind and a bit more compassionate when it comes to other people’s troubles.

I guess what I’m asking for is a bit of support and understanding not only for me, but for everyone that you meet on a daily basis.

“Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Harder Battle.”

Writing is Joy

I love to write. Whether it’s poetry or memoir or even casual blogs…I love it. I always have. I think it’s the one thing that I can see myself doing as a career and the one thing I can say I truly don’t feel is a chore. Now, writing for school can seem like  a chore and writing things that I find boring can seem like a chore, but deep down I love it. I am really proud of myself for the progress I have made in school (my creative writing program for my Master’s degree) and the progress I have made on my own personal blog. I seem to start my blog and write in it 2 or 3 times and then forget about it for months. In the beginning of 2012, I would write for a few weeks and then stop. In August 2012, I wrote several blogs and I did again t in November 2012 then again in January/February of this year. It’s like I would take several months off from my blog and I don’t want to do that anymore. I love writing and I love sharing my views even if no one reads them. My progress has been great this time. Since the end of June I have written a blog almost every single week, sometimes more!

The sad thing is I forgot how much relaxation and serenity writing brings me. As I suffer from anxiety, pregnancy hormones, raging emotions I know that I can easily turn these stressors into writing and it brings me joy. I guess sometimes we forget. I don’t want to forget anymore. I have 94 days left in my pregnancy and then a whole new amazing, awe inspiring, life changing chapter of our lives will begin. I need to embrace it and write about it. I want to say thank you (again) to all my readers and family and friends who stick by me, pray for me, send good, happy vibes my way. You all are the best. You help remind me who I am when the world around me seems dim. <3.  

Look out for more writing, more chapters to my memoir, To the Ends of the Earth and more updates about baby bug. I may just share another short post later today <3. (I know, I know three blog posts in one day! It’s a miracle.)