Writing Begets Writing

So I haven’t written much in the last six months. I seem to go in small spurts of writing every day to not writing at all. It’s one of those simple matters of letting life get in the way. I try not to do that, but it happens anyway.

I’ve noticed that the more I push myself to write (even if its just a blog post here and there), the  more I want to write. Writing is as much a part of me as being a wife and mother are. The words are all floating around inside my soul waiting to be written out. I have honestly felt more relaxed and happy than I have in months when I carve out some time to write each day.

Today was awesome because I was able to put some of my creative writing/editing skills into action. A friend of mine from back in the day (which, is a Wednesday, by the way) reached out to me over social media to see if I could do some editing for his new company blog. Viola, I am a productive member of society today! If it’s possible sometimes I forget how much I love writing and editing. As if the 4 years in undergrad and the 2 plus years in graduate school weren’t enough to tell me that writing is my passion, it’s like my brain just forgets. Then it all comes back to me, my passion (along with being a wife and mother) is to write. As easily as breathing, here come the words, the inspiration, the life force.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of what we love. Especially those of us with pregnancy brain!

❤ Aly

PS My husband reminds me every day that I should be doing more writing, but sometimes I get distracted by his handsome face and lumberjack beard and forget what he’s saying 😉 love you bug.


The Turner Update

Today, on Emu Turner Update:

It’s been a while since I have had a free moment to sit down at my laptop. I’m always glued to my phone, but I feel like I never actually make time to sit and write. I try to keep up with each one of my lovely friends and family members, but the days go by so fast.

We had a lovely summer. Jayden came from Ohio to visit us. We went to Ocean City and spent lots of time down the Shore House. When August ended Richie and I decided we would move back into Mom’s house for a while to save some money and begin the search for a house hunt. After years of renting and military housing we are ready to find “our” home. Sophia is thrilled to have her “Lala” and “Pop-pop” with her every day now though. She sure keep us all on our toes! There is a huge part of me that is super excited about finding a house and I wish we were ready to buy one NOW. The other part of me doesn’t want to rush it. It’s a huge commitment; the wandering Turners would be putting roots down after FIVE years of moving from place to place. I’m sure we will find the right place after a while.

The beautiful Sophia (“Fifi” as she calls herself) will be two in a few months and I can’t help, but feel sad. My little baby, my tiny munchie, is now a walking,talking kid. She speaks so clearly sometimes it’s hard to remember she’s not yet two. It’s true what people say “you never know until you have kids of your own.” Yup! I would never have known how much I could be amazed and in awe of one tiny human. She’s funny, she laughs all the time, she is compassionate and is always giving out “huggies.” She can destroy a clean house faster than the Tasmanian Devil. :-). But she’s amazing and We made that (Richie Turner, I think we are doing pretty good).

I’m not the perfect Pinterest mom. I’m sure that we spend too much time inside some days and that I give her too much candy on others, but hey we are having fun! She teaches me new things every day including patience and compassion. Being a parent has also taught me that I need to listen and compromise (even though my hubby knows I’m STUBBORN! love you babe!). I can’t imagine our life without this little beautiful girl. She definitely fills our hearts with joy every day!

Richie Turner is working hard as ever. During the day he works as a newspaper man by the byline of Clark Kent. No, that’s not right.  He’s a reclusive billionaire who wants capture criminals and save Gotham, mmmm still not right. He is an amazing father who works full-time during and attends college at night pursuing a degree in Education. And he’s the best and Sophia and I are blessed to have him in our lives. He also has some wonderful charity projects and is working on starting a foundation for volunteer works at The Good Among the Wicked. You can follow him and catch up with him over at Mankind is Great.

As for me, I’m just trying to figure it all out. Applying for part-time jobs, submitting freelance stuff, and keeping my toddler happy and healthy all keep me busy during business hours. Weekends and evenings I love to spend with my hubby and baby exploring the great, wide world Maryland.

Hopefully, I won’t wait another month to update, but who knows. One last thing….in case I haven’t told you all…you are loved <3. Be kind to each other. 14 years ago today we were reminded that life can change in an instant. So say a prayer for those we have lost and tell someone you love them today. And be thankful that people have given their lives for these good things we have. *Never Forget*



As a writer I tend to do a lot of reading and research. In fact, I probably over read and over research things, but I like to be prepared. So in preparation for my little one’s arrival I’ve been reading ….everything. I’ve read blogs, journal articles, books…you name it. And the one thing that I have noticed is that everyone seems to have a holier than thou attitude when it comes to children. Maybe I never noticed it before, but everything is a fight or an argument over whose tactic is better. I would like to try to breastfeed my daughter (along with trying to ease my husband and I into healthy diets and less processed foods), but all of these articles are so harsh and uncaring. I understand that a mother’s breast milk is nutritious, healthy, creates a bonding experience with the child, but to me that doesn’t mean that a mother who feeds her child formula is any less of a mother. I read a comment that said if you can’t breastfeed automatically go to donor milk…but it was so judgmental and uncaring that I it rubs me the wrong way. There are some medical reasons why women can’t breastfeed and they get shunned for it. There are also women who do breastfeed and other people ridicule them for doing so in public. They have to hide feeding their child because someone will make a snide comment.  I have been looking for answers, helpful suggestions, tips to make bringing a baby into this world easier and all I get is people bashing one another.

It’s not just breastfeeding/formula feeding from the way you put your child to sleep, to the diapers you use, to the stroller or car seat you push them in, to the type of religion you practice. It’s not helpful information that people are sharing, it’s judgmental and scary for new mothers who just want to learn. I don’t have a baby yet, so I can’t say from experience but  it seems to me that no one way is the best way as long as your child is healthy, well fed, treated well and raised with lots of love. I’m sure my own philosophy, ideas and preconceived notions will change once my child is actually here but I want her to know about kindness, love, tolerance and compassion not harsh judgments, rudeness, pettiness and the like. It starts with me (and her daddy) not falling into the traps of we are better than you because we do it “this way” .

I want the best for my child (as I’m sure all parents do) but the more I read about these so called “mommy wars” and  rants about what is better, I lose hope. Shouldn’t we be working together instead of bashing each other and putting each other down? Shouldn’t we be helping one another grow instead of shaming each other?

I don’t know how I will feed my little one, if she will sleep in our bed or on her own, if she will ever wear cloth diapers or have homemade baby food, but I do know that she will be loved and hugged every single day. I do know that she will know the love of God and learn to love others and know that just because someone is different from you, doesn’t mean they are wrong and you are right, it means that they are different. I know that there are days I may feel like I’m failing, but as long as I try to be better every day and show her through my actions to be kind, tolerant and compassionate I think I’ll do okay.

*steps off soapbox*