Reach Out …For Ali

Ali asked me how my day was yesterday. Simple question. Simple answer.

It was fine. Sophia and I went outside and played. Took a nap, made dinner.

Pregnancy has taken a toll on me this time as well. More physically. Being at home in winter has enabled me to limit my physical activity to walking across the street to Nana’s or playing in the backyard with Sophia. So really, I’ve gotten big and lazy. haha. That’s okay though, the weather is warming up and Baby boy is only 3 months from arriving earthside. I better get ready.

Anyway, back to Ali, we are like those old timers who sit around and reminisce about the “good ole’ days” which for us meant the days that we used to talk once an hour! I literally knew what she was doing at all times and she knew what I was doing. If one of us ever went missing, they would know to call the other one to find us. Even though we live several states apart and always have. In the true fashion of life, we have both become busy and fill our days with our beautiful families, work, church, school, friends and everything in between. We often go days without talking, although Facebook makes it easy to keep up to date on each other. We have been lucky enough to get together two summers in a row! Since we made it back from Japan and it’s been great. Our little girls are the same age as one another, they have as much fun as we do I think. This summer I’ll have a newborn in June, but hopefully in August Ali and company will make it down to the Shore house in Maryland and stay for a few days (Come on, Ali and Robert, free place to stay right on the water, fishing, crabbing, swimming in the creek).

I’d like to try to close the distance. The one thing from the “good ole days” I want to bring back. More connection with people I love. Especially in the days that we are so connected, it shouldn’t be so hard to keep in touch. After our talk last night Ali told me to get a new mouse for my laptop so I could write more. And I did. I charged the laptop, plugged in the mouse and here I am. My vow, to Ali, and to all of you.

Life tends to get in the way of living. But I promise that no matter where I am and what I’m doing, the ones I love are always on my mind. If you don’t hear from me, start bugging me, text me, call me, send me an email. Chances are I will be responding back right away because I needed to hear from a friend just a much.

We all do. We all need to be that person to reach out. But just in case your friend hasn’t made the first move, go ahead. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. As always my friends, I love you. Share your light with others and start with people you love the most.

And to Ali, thanks for always being my best friend near and far.


Make A Connection

With all of the technology we possess these days it is not hard to stay connected to one another. Emails, social media, texting, Snapchats…you name it. Twenty-four hours  a day we are able to get connected and get a preview into other people’s lives. Hey, If I can’t sleep at 3 a.m. I can always scan Facebook to see what everyone else is doing.

The question is….you are always connected, but when was the last time you really made a connection? When can you say that you really had a one-on-one with another person without it just being a “Like” on Facebook or a re-tweet on Twitter. Sometimes it feels like my smart phone is my best friend or my ball and chain, it goes everywhere with me. Sadly though it keeps me from really seeing the world. Connecting with other people, reaching out and saying, “Hi, here I am. How are you?” This makes me feel lonely even when I’m surrounded by people.

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and a compassionate daughter who bring more joy to my life than I ever thought possible. Sometimes I’m afraid I’m missing all these beautiful connections with them by constantly staring at my phone or even watching the TV, or doing work on my laptop. Recently, I have been freelancing and editing resumes. It was a nice opportunity to work from home, but the amount of time I have spent staring at my laptop horrified me. A little extra money was nice, but not spending time enjoying my little girl and my husband because I was chained to my laptop was most definitely not. So I have cut back. I feel a lot better now. (Side note: If you need help with a resume/paper and it’s not an urgent matter, I am always available for that).

Yesterday, I made a wonderful connection with a dear friend of mine. We went to college together (going on 10 years of friendship here). Amanda is a lovely, sweet person and we have been through a lot together. Most recently, we are now old married ladies and now expecting little ones (her first, my second). It’s amazing how life brings people together. She and I live about 40 minutes apart and now have this whole new wonderful connection to share as our babies grow. We met for lunch and sat at the table talking for almost three hours. I felt light and happy. I made a connection and it was awesome. It is so easy to forget in the glow of a laptop or a cellphone screen that other people are out in the world waiting just like you to make that connection. I can’t wait to spend more time together and share new memories as our children grow up, practically the same age.

So for the new year, I am not hoping for a “new me” just a me that is more productive, motivated, and reaches out to others. I’m tired of my smart phone and my Facebook obsession. I want to really see and really be there instead of just hoping technology can occupy me.

Happy New Year everyone!



Six Weeks Young

Today, our little bug is six weeks young and about to meet her grandma Lala and her Nana for the first time. Honestly I’m getting choked up just thinking about it. I was extremely proud of Richie and I do have our labor, delivery and first weeks sat home by ourselves as a little family unit, but there is something lonely about not having your family and friends to celebrate with you.

I can’t hold it against anyone at home because there is an ocean in between us, but it still hurts my heart that the people we love don’t get to experience getting to know sweet Sophia. Truthfully only  two or three of our friends here have met her. I know everyone is busy with their own lives, believe me sometimes I don’t know where the hours in the day go. There’s just a small piece of broken heart that no one came to the hospital to see her and since we’ve been home it’s been extremely quiet as well. I am blessed to have my amazing neighbor and dear friend, Alysha, who comes over (and brings us cupcakes) and visits with Richie, Sophia and I. I love you, girl! I don’t know what I’ll do when we don’t live two feet from each other. I know it seems silly, but I just want to show our baby girl off to the world.  She’s amazing and yes, I’m bragging, but it was a long journey through pregnancy with my anxiety. The moment she was born, we cried our eyes out because we did it. With the help of my darling husband and wonderful nursing staff at USNH Okinawa, this beautiful girl was born into this world. She made us parents and I couldn’t be more grateful. I just wish we could have had our loved ones around us.

She’s so perfect that makes up for any loneliness I’ve been feeling. When she wakes up in the morning (or the middle of the night), she calls out to us with little grunts and coos while she kicks her feet until we hear her. She rarely ever cries and often smiles and takes in the world with big, beautiful wide eyes. Sophia even laughed yesterday when Shisha barked. When her Daddy carries her in the Ergo, she snuggles up against his chest and sleeps like it was a bed made just for her.

Even though she is so young, she holds her head up really well and even tries to roll over (she doesn’t have it just yet). She’s started sleeping through the night for about six or seven hours. I hope this lasts because Momma needs some beauty sanity sleep. In the evenings, she nurses while we cuddle on the couch until she is sleeping contently. When she is deeply asleep, we can lay her in her little bassinet (right next to my bed). I swaddle her legs in a little swaddler because she tends to kick and wake herself up. I couldn’t believe that last night I actually slept for six hours straight for the first time in forever.

During the day we play on the activity mat, sing songs and walk around looking in the mirrors at the house. Sophia is exclusively breastfed, so we spend a lot of time nursing and snuggling. At first it was really tough (read: painful) and I felt like giving up, but I’m glad I stuck it out. I just need to get myself in the habit of pumping milk so I can have some on hand if Sophia stays with Mom or if Richie wants to feed her.

Sophia likes to rock and nap in her swing. when she is awake she stares at the tiny blue and green lambs that dance over her head.  When she sleeps, she seems so peaceful I want to wake her up and hug her tightly, but I know baby bugs need their sleep. Plus, Momma needs to do her homework and catch up on her blog sometime. I just love the way she smiles and snuggles with me.

I just can’t wait the next few hours are  going to drag by so slowly, until we can go pick up my Mom and Nana.