A Little Humor to Get You Through the Day

10 Steps to Getting Ready (with a toddler)

We all know that once our precious little angels begin to crawl and walk there is no stopping them. All of the sudden you are screaming “Grab the baby gates!” and “Did you shut the toilet lid?” because you never know what (seemingly) harmless household object they will get into next. When you turn your back for a second they have unraveled four paper towel rolls, squeezed out an entire tube of diaper rash cream, and poured out a box of cheerios on the floor. Keeping your toddler in check and being a functioning member of society can be a challenge. Sometimes we wish that parenting came with a manual, especially one that tells us how to wrangle a two year old with the ability to demolish a living room in under two minutes. With this in mind I have compiled a list of 10 easy steps for getting ready for your day when you have a toddler in your life.

  1. Decide what your plan for the day is. Do you need to leave the house? Will you be having any visitors today? Then, yes you need to put pants on. And a bra, maybe.
  2. Realize that you haven’t showered in about three days and even the dog doesn’t want to come near you anymore.
  3. Try (unsuccessfully) to get your little one to take a nap so that you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a warm shower.
  4. Check the time and notice that you now only have 30 minutes to get ready or you will be late.
  5. Consider going back to bed instead.
  6. Say “Let’s get a shower with Mommy!” in an attempt to get clean somehow.
  7. Stand under the water for five minutes while your toddler tries to climb up your legs and screams for “boobies!”
  8. Attempt to put on clothes until you notice said toddler pooping on your white carpet. Then, try to remain calm when they step in it.
  9. After cleaning up poop, chasing your little naked monster around the house, and wrangling them into a diaper throw on the first thing you see that doesn’t stink.
  10. Decide that everything can wait and put off leaving the house until tomorrow


Life with a toddler can be crazy, but it’s also precious. Live it up and don’t forget to laugh.


Six Weeks Young

Today, our little bug is six weeks young and about to meet her grandma Lala and her Nana for the first time. Honestly I’m getting choked up just thinking about it. I was extremely proud of Richie and I do have our labor, delivery and first weeks sat home by ourselves as a little family unit, but there is something lonely about not having your family and friends to celebrate with you.

I can’t hold it against anyone at home because there is an ocean in between us, but it still hurts my heart that the people we love don’t get to experience getting to know sweet Sophia. Truthfully only  two or three of our friends here have met her. I know everyone is busy with their own lives, believe me sometimes I don’t know where the hours in the day go. There’s just a small piece of broken heart that no one came to the hospital to see her and since we’ve been home it’s been extremely quiet as well. I am blessed to have my amazing neighbor and dear friend, Alysha, who comes over (and brings us cupcakes) and visits with Richie, Sophia and I. I love you, girl! I don’t know what I’ll do when we don’t live two feet from each other. I know it seems silly, but I just want to show our baby girl off to the world.  She’s amazing and yes, I’m bragging, but it was a long journey through pregnancy with my anxiety. The moment she was born, we cried our eyes out because we did it. With the help of my darling husband and wonderful nursing staff at USNH Okinawa, this beautiful girl was born into this world. She made us parents and I couldn’t be more grateful. I just wish we could have had our loved ones around us.

She’s so perfect that makes up for any loneliness I’ve been feeling. When she wakes up in the morning (or the middle of the night), she calls out to us with little grunts and coos while she kicks her feet until we hear her. She rarely ever cries and often smiles and takes in the world with big, beautiful wide eyes. Sophia even laughed yesterday when Shisha barked. When her Daddy carries her in the Ergo, she snuggles up against his chest and sleeps like it was a bed made just for her.

Even though she is so young, she holds her head up really well and even tries to roll over (she doesn’t have it just yet). She’s started sleeping through the night for about six or seven hours. I hope this lasts because Momma needs some beauty sanity sleep. In the evenings, she nurses while we cuddle on the couch until she is sleeping contently. When she is deeply asleep, we can lay her in her little bassinet (right next to my bed). I swaddle her legs in a little swaddler because she tends to kick and wake herself up. I couldn’t believe that last night I actually slept for six hours straight for the first time in forever.

During the day we play on the activity mat, sing songs and walk around looking in the mirrors at the house. Sophia is exclusively breastfed, so we spend a lot of time nursing and snuggling. At first it was really tough (read: painful) and I felt like giving up, but I’m glad I stuck it out. I just need to get myself in the habit of pumping milk so I can have some on hand if Sophia stays with Mom or if Richie wants to feed her.

Sophia likes to rock and nap in her swing. when she is awake she stares at the tiny blue and green lambs that dance over her head.  When she sleeps, she seems so peaceful I want to wake her up and hug her tightly, but I know baby bugs need their sleep. Plus, Momma needs to do her homework and catch up on her blog sometime. I just love the way she smiles and snuggles with me.

I just can’t wait the next few hours are  going to drag by so slowly, until we can go pick up my Mom and Nana.




Dear Sophia

To my little Sophia Bug,

With every day that passes, we get more and more excited for your arrival. I, of course, am starting to feel seriously impatient! Nine days until your estimated due date and I just want you here now. I know that is not how it works, but I wish that we could just “wish” you out now. Everyone tells me that babies come on their own time and in their own way, I just hope you decide you want to be born soon. We miss you and can’t wait to meet you. I have your room all ready (even though your bassinet is in our room 🙂 ). Daddy helped me organize so I didn’t get overwhelmed and Alysha helped put together your stroller and bassinet so you would be ready to t(ravel in style once you get here! You are going to have more clothes than any one little girl will be able to wear in six months, but I know you will be so fashionable and beautiful.

So far we have had lots of different guesses on when you will be here….December 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 23 and 24 (Christmas Eve). We are coming up on the 6, that is in two days. Daddy says December 9. I’m not sure, I don’t have a strong feeling on when you might get here. Tomorrow, we have a 39 week appointment so we will see if there is any progress, but like everyone says that doesn’t mean you will come soon….but please do! Every day, Daddy and I feel you kicking around and wiggling, but we want to have you here now so we can hug you and kiss you and love you.

You will never know how much we love you already and we haven’t even met yet. I truly believe that God brought your Daddy and I together and now we are blessed with you. The best thing is that you are a miracle, created totally out of love and pure joy.  You are the perfect addition to our little family and we couldn’t be happier. As big of a change as this is, we know that you were made just for us, beautiful, sweet and full of love.

I hope this will be the first of many letters I write to you, but I don’t ever want you to forget how loved you are and how much we want you to be here with us. This is the best year and the best Christmas ever. I can’t wait to see you.

Love Always,

Your Mommy

And Baby Bug is….

A girl! We confirmed today that Baby Bug is a healthy, 11 ounce baby girl-Sophia Elyse. The appointment went really well, minus the fact that you had to go with a full bladder (sort of uncomfortable) so that the sound waves can travel easier/faster. The ultrasound tech was extremely nice and told us each time she was doing a measurement. She checked out everything on me to make sure it was looking good…and then she moved onto the baby :).  She measured the arms, legs, the femur, from knee to hip, from knee to foot and from hand to elbow and elbow to shoulder. She also measured the head and checked for the brain, the four chambers of the heart (we saw the heart beating! It was 150 beats per minute), we also saw the two kidneys and bladder. Sophia was jumping on my bladder which was apparent as her little feet were kicking and wiggling away. She was also covering her face with her hands and hiding from the ultrasound camera as well. It’s obvious Bug is going to be a gymnast/dancer or something because she was rolling and swinging and dancing all around on the screen.

Richie and I are so estatic that everything is going so well so far. I have another appointment on Friday to read the radiology report with my doctor. Wish me luck!!