Reach Out …For Ali

Ali asked me how my day was yesterday. Simple question. Simple answer.

It was fine. Sophia and I went outside and played. Took a nap, made dinner.

Pregnancy has taken a toll on me this time as well. More physically. Being at home in winter has enabled me to limit my physical activity to walking across the street to Nana’s or playing in the backyard with Sophia. So really, I’ve gotten big and lazy. haha. That’s okay though, the weather is warming up and Baby boy is only 3 months from arriving earthside. I better get ready.

Anyway, back to Ali, we are like those old timers who sit around and reminisce about the “good ole’ days” which for us meant the days that we used to talk once an hour! I literally knew what she was doing at all times and she knew what I was doing. If one of us ever went missing, they would know to call the other one to find us. Even though we live several states apart and always have. In the true fashion of life, we have both become busy and fill our days with our beautiful families, work, church, school, friends and everything in between. We often go days without talking, although Facebook makes it easy to keep up to date on each other. We have been lucky enough to get together two summers in a row! Since we made it back from Japan and it’s been great. Our little girls are the same age as one another, they have as much fun as we do I think. This summer I’ll have a newborn in June, but hopefully in August Ali and company will make it down to the Shore house in Maryland and stay for a few days (Come on, Ali and Robert, free place to stay right on the water, fishing, crabbing, swimming in the creek).

I’d like to try to close the distance. The one thing from the “good ole days” I want to bring back. More connection with people I love. Especially in the days that we are so connected, it shouldn’t be so hard to keep in touch. After our talk last night Ali told me to get a new mouse for my laptop so I could write more. And I did. I charged the laptop, plugged in the mouse and here I am. My vow, to Ali, and to all of you.

Life tends to get in the way of living. But I promise that no matter where I am and what I’m doing, the ones I love are always on my mind. If you don’t hear from me, start bugging me, text me, call me, send me an email. Chances are I will be responding back right away because I needed to hear from a friend just a much.

We all do. We all need to be that person to reach out. But just in case your friend hasn’t made the first move, go ahead. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. As always my friends, I love you. Share your light with others and start with people you love the most.

And to Ali, thanks for always being my best friend near and far.


Lighthouse in the Storm

This week has been pretty stressful for me, I was working on perfecting my article, trying to get school work done and not let my anxiety overwhelm me. Unfortunately, at times I do let myself get overwhelmed so it ended up not being a pleasant few days for me. Through it all, my husband has kept me sane and happy. I consider myself lucky to have a best friend and an equal partner in my marriage. I’ve probably told the story 1000 times, but I’ll tell it again for good measure.

We met through a phone call. I answered the phone of a mutual friend of ours and he was on the other end of the line. Later, I messaged him on Facebook to apologize for hijacking his phone call and to introduce myself.  We exchanged phone numbers and began talking every day on the phone and Skype. Whether it was fates or coincidence or just plain luck, this was it for me. Three weeks after that first fateful conversation, Richie drove 8 hours to my front door. I was so excited when he pulled up that I didn’t speak and then tackled him in a bear hug. As cheesy as it sounds, I met my best friend and soul mate in person that day. That same weekend, glossing over the embarrassing details, I told him (after a few glasses of wine) that we would be married and have beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed, tan skin babies. Although, he thought I was slightly crazy, something must have sounded right about that because we spent the next four months traveling between North Carolina and Maryland before I packed up and moved there to be with him. Within a month, we were married and preparing to move to Japan. Now, almost three years later, he is still my best friend, soul mate, rock and light in all my stormy days. And, one of the best parts so far is that we are about to have our own (possibly blonde haired, blue eyed tan skin) baby who will be the most loved and adored child and who every day will know what it means to love because of her mommy and daddy.  Those who know me know that I am full of passion, craziness, anxiety, care and often have a million things going at once, but that’s okay because Richie loves me for that and encourages me to be myself. He also holds me when I’m weak, comforts me when I’m sad and celebrates me when I’m happy and all the things in between.

I may not say it enough darling, but you save me….every single day. Thank you for being you and thank you for keeping me grounded and most of all, thank you for the life you have given us, the future we have yet to encounter and our little miracle. I love you forever and always. A million mer days.

Photo Credit: SCN Photography

Photo Credit: SCN Photography

Photo Credit: SCN Photography

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