Working From Home

A few days ago I made breakfast, changed diapers, cleaned and re-cleaned the kitchen, folded a load of laundry, put the baby down for a nap, made phone calls, answered emails, wrote out a grocery list, and all before noon. I never realized the amount of work it takes to be a stay-at-home parent especially one that works from home.

I’ve mentioned before that I am a freelancer. Most often I edit resumes for working professionals who are hoping to gain new or better employment. I also do editing for articles, blogs, and academic papers. I also write articles here and there. I follow a ton of creative freelance job boards, but I hesitate to apply to some of the full-time opportunities to work at home because it takes away from my flexibility as the stay-at-home caregiver.

Does anyone else feel that it’s hard to find a work-life-responsibilities-balance?  I want to stay home with my kids, take them to the park, plan fun activities with them while they are young and not in school full-time. I have been blessed to be able to stay at home for three years with Sophia and now Max too. Most often this leaves me wanting to ignore chores, meal planning and preparing, and “adult” stuff. I manage it all okay though. I put on my Responsible Adult with Great Organizing Skills hat and get it done with the help of my husband, Richie. My husband works his ass off to provide a secure, stable home for all of us. He also makes time to spend with our children playing and laughing. I know he struggles with also finding time for his “passions” that are beyond just “work”…

I guess my struggle now is putting more effort into my “work” portion. Writing/Editing/Creating is not just a money making effort to me. I love my freelance opportunities. I am happy to work, to edit, to write, and to share my passion with others. Somehow, it is this portion of my life that I put on the back burner. Working in Marketing taught me that you have to put in effort to gain success. There were promotions to be done, social media accounts to update,  and contacts to network with in order to get your business out there. Why don’t I work hard to promote my services, write my articles/blog, and perfect my craft? I’m not sure. It’s easy to pour your heart into being a parent and a “responsible” adult. Is it enough though?

It’s funny that I came across an article on Romper that was titled “I Work From Home, & Honestly, I Work Harder than Other Working Moms”. Now, first off I know that the title is supposed to be attention-grabbing, but it was slightly off-putting to me. In my personal experience, I don’t have it “harder” than other working moms because I don’t have to leave my house. One thing I can agree with in this article is that it is HARD to work from home with tiny people running around at your feet. But,  maybe that is just my excuse. Anything worth doing is hard, so why put it off? I guess I’m looking for accountability and support from my online community here.

I appreciate all of your comments, your likes, your follows, and your shares. Makes me believe that my writing is important too.


The Search for the Perfect House

So, apparently we are adults, Richie and I have decided that with a little one, another baby on the way and a puppy dog we should probably own our own home. This is a big deal for us. Until Sophia was born we thought we would be at the whims of the Marine Corps, transient and blowing in the wind.

Once Richie decided not to reenlist we came back to my hometown. We rented for a year, but when it came time to renew our lease we decided why not BUY? So we moved in with my Mom over the holidays and Richie got a new job! WOO. Well, after putting away some money, filing our taxes (yay, adulting) the house hunt is on.

We filled out an application to become prequalified for a loan and we connected with  a realtor. Now, comes the fun part of uploading tons of documents in order to determine how much we can afford to spend on a house. And searching for said house.  It’s overwhelming and kind of scary, to be honest.

The exciting part will be checking out houses to find OUR home. I’m excited to bring our new baby to our very own home and see our daughter grow up there! I just wish the process was easier, ya know?  If you have the perfect home for us, let me know ;-).


There are lots of funny memes and what not around the internet that basically decry having to be an adult or “adult-ing”. I have to say I totally agree with them. I would love for someone to come take care of me, feed me, clothe me, and entertain me. It’s hard to be an adult. It’s crazy because I know that when I was young I always wanted to “grow up.” Now I’m here and I wish I could be a kid. Haha

Every day I learn more about the responsibilities of being “grown-up.” Not only do you have to get up, be presentable, attend your job or at home duties, but you also have to attend to the tedious, not-so-fun stuff like cleaning out your garage and doing maintenance on your house. Last night I had to research new health insurance plans because Richie is switching jobs. Adult-ing, am I right?

I hope that Sophia never loses her childlike sense of wonder. She loves to color and run around and hide from me. She always laughs and tells great stories. (I know what you are thinking, she is a genius and she’s not yet two years old). Being around her every day makes me want to get back some of that wonder and amazement. It’s easy to be stressed and bogged down by your responsibilities, but it’s important to add in some fun.

Whether she knows it or not, my little girl is an inspiration. She reminds me not to let “adult-ing” get me down. And for that I’m ever grateful.