The Post

This is about the hundredth (maybe, fourth) post I have tries to write recently. I’ve started draft after draft and somehow i have managed to lose them all. They were all very insightful and genuine. Maybe one day the ideas will circle back around.

Having two tiny people around (who actually love it when I play, run, act silly) makes it a challenge to write when I want too. The problem with this sentiment is that I, then, do not write even when I have a free moment because it was not on my schedule. Kids don’t understand scheduling. They are full of fun and excitement and delight. They want what they want NOW and who can blame them. So instead of battling it out i stay awake a little bit later. I know, i know, past my bedtime which is usually early.

So, i Haven’t forgotten. I’m still here, happy to write. Hopefully, next time I will hit publish.



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