The Quiet Sounds

It is currently 3:47 a.m. I woke up at 1:15 to nurse Max and just haven’t captured the elusive sleep we all crave. For the better part of the last two hours I have been reading and balancing our budget. Now, I am lying here listening to the quiet sounds as my family sleeps peacefully.

Sophia is on my left between her Daddy and I. She asks every night to sleep with us and tonight was that night. She told Richie, “Daddy, you and Momma sleep together and I am all alone in my room!” Who can deny that logic? So here we are all tucked into one room. I can hear little tiny snores, bigger snores, and the rustling of my hungry nursling who is about to wake up again to eat (who needs sleep?)

So, even though I can’t sleep and I’m squished under a toddler while nursing the baby I couldn’t be happier. When the sun comes up life gets crazy.

I promise myself that I will get to my to-do list AND spend more time playing with the kids instead of worrying about that list. I try to focus on being patient instead of getting frustrated after tripping over every single toy we own, flying through the air like a figure skater, and definitely not sticking the landing. I promise myself I will submit that article and update my blog. Instead, I will probably end up dancing to Kidz Bop (I know all the words to every song now), eating way too many pretzels, and  tossing every toy inside the ottoman and calling it clean.

After a successful round of Whole30, changing my eating habits, and losing 10 lbs I have gotten back into opening the fridge, sighing, and eating a bagel because I don’t want to cook.  So when I get up I swear I will cook a full breakfast and wash dishes and create a Pinterest worthy art project to do with Sophia. But for now, I will just enjoy the quiet and the cuddles. I will enjoy the sense of peace I have knowing my little family is all together, all in one place.

And I won’t complain when I am overly tired running on hopes, dreams and pretzels because I am lucky enough to hear quiet sounds (and snores) next to me.


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