The Future

When we are young we always think about the future. What will happen when we grow up? When we go to high school? When we graduate college? When we get a job? Where will our life go? How will things turn out? I always loved imagining how life would be when I was “grown up.” Now, here I am 27 years old and I STILL keep looking for the future!

I think that I struggle keeping myself in the here and now. Enjoying each beautiful day that God has blessed me with. Is this because of my anxiety? Is it because I worry too much about things that may happen? Yes. A lot of it is. Often I wake up in the morning and think, “Oh what do we have to do today?” I run a list of things that I need to finish and things that are happening next week and next month. I’m always saying, “I can’t wait for….”. The problem with this is that I”m missing the things that are happening right this second.

Sophia is napping here beside me. I was writing a list of phone calls I needed to make and thinking of when I should get a job and when Sophia turns 2 (hint: it’s not for 5 more months). I just need to STOP! Why not enjoy this quiet time? Use it it to write a little bit, reflect on things that are going on right now, instead of focusing my eyes on the future. I am a thinker and a dreamer. It’s in my blood. Often this causes me to wile away the hours daydreaming or planning or imagining. Instead of really just being in the moment. That’s my goal for today. Just enjoy the day. Maybe go to the pool or take Sophia and Shisha for a walk. Then, in a few hours I’ll make dinner and spend the evening with my family. I won’t focus on tomorrow’s agenda or what needs to be done before we move next month. I’ll just worry about it when it happens.

Here’s my challenge to you: Enjoy TODAY! Take a moment and do something that is just for you, just for now. Go for a walk, read a book, sit down and eat your lunch without filling in your To-Do list. I’m going to try!


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