Getting Ready

I know it’s been a month or so since I have last written, but we are getting down to the wire here in our pregnancy. I’m 36 weeks on Thursday and to be completely honest I am so ready to have the baby and be done with pregnancy. I am blessed to have been able to conceive and carry our little bug naturally and with little complications (besides the OCD). But I’m going to say 100% truthfully, this has not been an easy journey for me. I know there will be many people who comment on this and say, “Just enjoy your pregnancy, enjoy this time.” Well, I’ve done the best I can but I’m ready to start our next chapter beginning with a peaceful labor and delivery.

We attended our first child birth education class, for us it was not really new information because we have hired a wonderful doula and we have spent many hours doing research and reading. We watched two live births on video and even though I felt slightly squeamish, I was moved to tears because I realized that soon that would be us and our little one would be here in our arms. I am looking forward to the next childbirth classes because we will be learning more about labor positions, comfort techniques, and delivery. The last class will discuss c sections and a tour of the labor and delivery unit. I can’t wait to see the new delivery wing, it only opened up in March and has beautiful, large delivery rooms some with an ocean view. The best part is that in most cases you deliver and recovery all in the same room so it saves the hassle of having to move around a lot.

So for the next few weeks, Richie and I have to organize the baby gear we received at our online baby shower (Thanks, Mom!) and get our little bug’s bassinet set up. We have baby bootcamp and its just a waiting game after Thanksgiving. I just can’t wait in about four-five weeks we will have our own little darling miracle bug who is a real life testament to God and our love for one another. Plus, it’s pretty amazing that I grew her myself 😉


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