Baby Registry

Richie and I got married in days. We were actually only engaged for about 45 hours before our wedding.  So we never went through the process of registering for wedding gifts, but it never seemed like a big deal. Now, that Miss Sophia is on the way, I have created a baby registry to figure out all the essential (and non-essential) things that she will need. Can I tell you creating a baby registry is HARD? There are so many things that babies need and so many different brands!

I have had a lot of fun picking things out for her. I already know she is going to be the most loved little princess with the best wardrobe. One of the most fun things is that going to the post office and picking up boxes. Today, we had several boxes with books for school, baby clothes, a dress for our maternity shoot and my sash for ball gown. My only wish is that packages would come to our house instead of to the post office.

Anyway, I think I mostly have the baby registry sorted out, but if anyone has any must have suggestions (you have had a baby recently, are having  baby, know of any great brands?) I’d love to hear about them. Also, for those who have asked please send me a private message and I will send a link to our registry.


2 thoughts on “Baby Registry

  1. Aunt Rosie says:

    Never had a baby or wedding registry in my day!! Laugh if you will but the baby wipe warmer is a great thing! Those wipes are cold no matter where you keep them! I’m sure Carrie Ann, Nicole and Galena can give you great ideas for Princess Sophia!! Love you!

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