The Tale of the Expired ID

Sometimes living on a military base feels claustrophobic. For me, that’s usually no problem. I am rarely off base past ten o’clock at night and I religiously carry my military ID with me at all times.  A few days ago, I pumped myself up to go pick up my friend’s little boy on a different base at the hospital when she was in labor so that she could have her second baby (Congratulations, Sarah and Dereck!). Normally, this would be no big deal for me, but unfortunately one of my biggest anxiety triggers these days is driving. But I knew I was helping her out a great deal so that her little guy wouldn’t be stuck at the hospital all night. So around 11 p.m. I headed out by myself to the hospital (Richie would have gone with me, but he was so tired that he never even realized I had tried to wake up him to ask if he wanted to go along with me). The drive itself was fine, no traffic on the road, pretty much no traffic lights because they all turn off after ten o’clock so it was smooth sailing. I picked up the little guy and headed back home. For some reason, my anxiety had ramped up and I was feeling very tense. I just kept telling myself that we would be home soon. By the time we arrived back at my home base, it was around 12:30 a.m.  I showed the guard my ID and waited to be waved along. Unfortunately for me, that was not the case.

The gentleman at the gate said, “Do you have new ID?” I just stared at him blankly because I didn’t understand what was going on. Finally, he pointed out that my ID had expired 10 days earlier and that I needed to show my new ID (which I did not have) to get on base. At this point, I was ready to cry. I’m largely pregnant with a toddler in the back of the car wanting to go home and I have no way to get us there. I had to pull over and wait while he called the military police and asked if I was allowed on. After what felt like forever, he came back with my ID and told me to get it renewed right away.  I drove away as there was now a line of cars waiting behind me (seriously? Why isn’t everyone in bed?). I made it the two minutes to my house without any further incident, but it was rough.

Six months ago, this wouldn’t have been a blip on my radar. I would have thanked the guard and went about my way. This time it almost broke me. I’ve made an appointment for a new ID, but nothing is ever easy. I have to have my sponsor (aka my husband) take me or find my power of attorney (I know it’s around here somewhere). Richie would take me, but of course, the next two weeks he literally cannot miss work unless there is a life or death emergency. So like I said, it’s never easy. So when I go I need to make sure I have a power of attorney that allows for me to get my own ID. I really can’t wait to get back to the real world where I don’t have to jump through hoops all the time.

Anyway, so ends the tale of the expired ID wish me luck getting a new one!


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