I have all of these wonderful ideas for chapters in my memoir, To The Ends of the Earth, but I always seem to make up excuses to delay writing in it. The most prevalent one is that I don’t have Word on my laptop. The second lame reason is that the draft is on my old laptop and that would require me to go plug it in, turn it on and use that or move the draft to my husband’s computer. Each of these things would take me approximately five minutes to do, but I lack motivation. It’s extremely easy to procrastinate for some people (I am one of those people). This has got me thinking….what does everyone else do for motivation? How do you encourage yourself to do something you know will be helpful, good for you and even enjoyable when you lack the energy?

I’ve thought about it and I think, for me, the key is to set a goal. If you have no end goal in sight than how can you expect to push yourself? I really want to write my memoir. In a few semesters, I want to develop this memoir in my thesis classes. This means I have to start somewhere.  I never imagined actually “writing.” This may not make sense to some, but I’m sure my colleagues and classmates understand this to a degree. I am forever writing down little plot lines or phrases or even short stories, but nothing that I considered viable. At work, I would write articles that had a specific topic, a beginning and an end and a deadline.

This memoir is my own personal story, its not only something I am creating, but something that I am living right now. 

So what does everyone else do when they are struggling for motivation? Let me know.  

2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Brenda says:

    I shame myself into it. I don’t like watering the plants. It’s a little job, so I don’t know what my problem is–maybe I dislike the repetitiveness of trips to the faucet?? But one weekend, after putting it off and off and off, I set a stopwatch on my phone to see how long it took me… two and a half minutes. 150 seconds. I had spent way more time than that thinking about it, feeling bad about it, deciding not to do it… I don’t feel bad about it anymore, I just do it. And I write it down on my list, and I cross it off, and it’s probably the easiest, fastest chore…

    The potential application here for you is that you KNOW how little time some of these tasks will take–the “less than 5 minutes” ones. So maybe find ways to chunk some of the rest of this effort into smaller tasks. Like, “I am not going to write my memoirs today, but I AM going to take 6 minutes every night before I go to bed to jot down what happened today and how I felt about it.” And maybe try sticking to a really small time–even if that means not writing complete sentences, just notes. Maybe knowing that you have materials and notes ready will help someday???

    • Alyson Marie says:

      Good idea. 🙂 I finally transferred all my documents onto my new laptop so all I have to do is open the program now instead of getting on the old laptop. I also downloaded word to make it easier on myself instead of having to use notepad. I also love the idea of a journal, so I’m going to start doing that too. You are right, it’s all about just doing it instead of putting it off over and over.

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