If anxiety seems like a theme in my writing this week, that’s because it is. Every day my little bug grows bigger and stronger and so does my anxiety and the odd part is that I don’t even worry about her (well, I do, but mostly about other things). Mostly I worry about things out of my control and it all comes from the fact that  I am afraid that some unknown force will keep us here longer. Which is the root of it, I’m homesick. I want to go home, and every day I have a gnawing fear that, that day will never come. Silly, I know because every day the sun rises and sets and another day passes, but it seems like that day may never arrive.

Logically, there is nothing wrong with living here. I have a beautiful house and puppy and a job that pays me to go to school and write things all day. The beaches are beautiful, the weather is warm, its like the paradise you’ve always imagined, but I guess at heart I’m like Dorothy and there really is no place like home. I’m trying a few things, meditation, talking to the doctor, deep breathing techniques…hopefully, this will help keep me relaxed and focused throughout the next few months and until we can get back home.

I would ask for a favor from my friends: please when you say your prayers, say an extra one for me and help me remember that things are never as bad as they seem. I could use a bit of Grace right now. Thank you. <3.

2 thoughts on “Overcoming

  1. Brenda says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you so often. And you’re absolutely right; time itself may be linear, metered, regular, but we experience it in context of emotion. So when we’re enjoying ourselves, time flies, but when we’re anticipating the next thing, it can seem to take forever.

    I hope you have a wonderful sleep tonight, and wake rested in the morning. And it’ll be one fewer day in the “forever” till you come home.

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