And Baby Bug is….

A girl! We confirmed today that Baby Bug is a healthy, 11 ounce baby girl-Sophia Elyse. The appointment went really well, minus the fact that you had to go with a full bladder (sort of uncomfortable) so that the sound waves can travel easier/faster. The ultrasound tech was extremely nice and told us each time she was doing a measurement. She checked out everything on me to make sure it was looking good…and then she moved onto the baby :).  She measured the arms, legs, the femur, from knee to hip, from knee to foot and from hand to elbow and elbow to shoulder. She also measured the head and checked for the brain, the four chambers of the heart (we saw the heart beating! It was 150 beats per minute), we also saw the two kidneys and bladder. Sophia was jumping on my bladder which was apparent as her little feet were kicking and wiggling away. She was also covering her face with her hands and hiding from the ultrasound camera as well. It’s obvious Bug is going to be a gymnast/dancer or something because she was rolling and swinging and dancing all around on the screen.

Richie and I are so estatic that everything is going so well so far. I have another appointment on Friday to read the radiology report with my doctor. Wish me luck!!


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