For the Love of Poetry

Some of you may know that I’m taking a poetry course this term in my Master’s Program. I thought I might share some of the work I have done so far.

This first poem is about the writing process:

Writing: A Process

The sound of a pen

Scratching across the page–

Furiously scribbling.


Thoughts spilling out forming art on paper.


The sound of a pen

Scratching out the words–

Starting over.

The second poem was at topic of your choice expressing tone (tone of the poem):

Where is home?

We were happy there

In our tiny apartment

Just big enough for two

Dancing in the living room

To the movie credits.


No cable television

No four-course meals

Or exotic vacations

But, we had our home

And we had each other.


They shipped us away

Farther than either of us had ever gone

Across the world

Torn from everything we knew

At least we are together.


We are happy here

In our comfortable apartment

With our dog and our cable television

There’s plenty of room for two

And one on the way.


Building our lives

In a foreign place

Going on exotic vacations

And returning together

To our home


They tell us to go

Back across the world

To leave our home

For the past three years

For a new place.

The third poem is using a different persona; so writing from someone else’s point of view besides your own:

Temporary Insanity

I brace myself at the door

Not knowing what is waiting

On the other side.

Will she be sweet

Or will she be sour?


What happened to my darling,

My little wife,

Who once loved my every move?

Now, my breathing too loudly

Is a cause for fury.


The experts swear

That this is just a phase

That she will return

To her usual, sunny disposition

And like me once again.


I’m still concerned

Nine months is a long time

To wait and pray

For an end

To temporary insanity.

Lastly, this poem is using figurative language including symbolism and allusion:

New Day

 Some days I wake up in prison

Locked away

By Poseidon’s servants–my only jailers.


Some days I wake up in paradise

Kissed by sunlight

In my own personal heaven.


Most days I wake up in my bedroom

Squished by a white ball of fur

Sleeping on my head.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on any or all of my poems. It’s a fun course, even though it is challenging. My goal is to share on my blog more often. I have had this blog for three years and I only manage to post occasionally. I know soon life will be even more hectic with the arrival of our bug, but I hope I continue to write and connect with all of you.




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