The Miracle of Technology!

It is truly a miracle. It’s only two weeks later and I’m posting again :). Baby bug and I are entering our 18th week of pregnancy and I can finally say its getting a bit better. I have terrible heartburn, but I’m excited to soon feel the baby move and find out if its our little boy or our little girl. I’m starting to get really impatient. I’ve started my baby registry, but it only has a few items on it. I add a few more each day. I know the closer it gets to December the more stuff, we will accumulate. I’m still working so far, it’s been a busy few weeks and gets busier still. I have turned in everything for print for this month, but I’m about to jump into a new feature about cooking with local ingredients-how to cook an Okinawan meal. It should be fun, as long as I don’t burn the whole dinner.  I’ve also recently started a new class, I am halfway through my Master’s program now at class 6-Poetry. It’s pretty fun, alot more work than I expected, but I think I like it. Next semester it will be a the last literature course-American Modernism. Then, I will probably take a short break to have the baby and move back to the States, but as soon as we are on American soil I will be jumping right back in for my last 5 classes! Where does the time go? I can’t believe that we have less than a year left here. It seems like just yesterday, that we were leaving America to live here, now we are getting ready to come home! I think its a miracle that I can keep up with all my loved ones near and far through this blog and the internet. When I skype with my mom, she always wants to see my belly :). Hopefully, the next time I post everyone will know if Baby Turner is a boy or a girl! 18 weeks and counting. Come on, December.


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