I was going through and deleteing notes on my facebook and I came across a few old poems.

Wanderlust (2009)

She sits in the sand
Staring at the ocean
A savior and a prison guard
She ran as fast as she could
Trying to outrun the thoughts in her head
Breathing hard and heart pounding in her chest
She stops when she reaches water’s edge
Sits in the sand and wonders

What happens when you can’t run any farther?

In a Stranger’s Eyes (2008)

I step into the small bar on the corner
The neon lights calling out my name
I pull off my coat and hang it by the door
Then a stranger tries to catch my eye

He smiles and comes to sit beside me
But in the stranger’s eyes I can only see
The face that fills my dreams
Who disappeared with my heart

Time always passes
The aching lonlieness is masked
Behind my best smile
Are the things I’ll never say.

I’m trying to pretend that I’m not broken
But in that stranger’s arms out on the dance floor
I remember the arms that used to hold me
The place I felt safest, that nothing could ever hurt me.

The music stops
But my memories continue
An unending reel
Of what had been

He thanks me for the dance
But in the stranger’s words I hear your voice
That night we met
The night I thought would last forever.

I venture out alone into the piercing cold
That stranger said I was beautiful
But I can’t see myself that way
Because all I see is you
In a stranger’s eyes

Missing you (2009)

I am tempted to press this bottle to my lips,
Brace myself for a shock
And the magic that will burn away
The fact that you are gone.

Instead I pick up this pen,
Hoping that the words
That fall to the paper,
Will soothe my heart.

You taught to ride my first bike
Let me dance on your feet,
I’s smile up at you,
My hero.

You lifting me up on your shoulders
Singing to me to wake me up for school-
The pictures in my mind
Refuse to leave

Sometimes I think
You are going to come through the door
Like you never left at all
But the door never opens.

To the world you were ,
A devoted husband,
loving father
And wonderful friend.

To Me,
You were invincible
The man who never felt pain
The man who could never die.

I was wrong and
Maybe this emptiness will never leave,
But I’d rather live with missing you
Than ever forget you.

These are all first drafts, I know that I have edited them all since I wrote them, but this gives you a little peek at the raw version of my poetry. I feel like I need to get back to my writing roots and poetry is what started it all.


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