It’s Been (Almost) A Year

Good Morning everyone! I realized today, it’s been a year (well, on the 23 it will be a year) since I started my job as a writer in Marketing for the magazine and newspaper. In one sense, it feels like time has flown by but in the other, I feel like it’s been a thousand years.  I am extremely blessed for the opportunities I have had over the past year. I have written three full length feature stories and two short features and monthly articles as well. I have learned about publication and production deadlines and the stress of missing pages.  I think I am a little too sensitive, so I need to grow tougher skin. It’s a definite lesson in appreciating constructive criticism and not taking things too personally. I still have alot to learn, especially over the next year and a half that we will be here.

For my writing style, I think I am a bit more “clichéd” and I’m trying to write beyond that. I always love those cheesy moments though ;). I want to write love stories, human interest stories, things that would make me cry if I read it. I’m hoping that my Master’s degree will be the opportunity to write my memoirs and diversify my writing.

If anyone is interested in writing, feel free to email me and I will send you what pieces I have of my memoir so far. I really want to start publishing my own work…so any help would be appreciated. For everyone, who has been following me over the past few years, thank you! I am truly blessed.


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