Have I grown up?

Feeling slightly nostalgic today so I was re-reading old blogs from  the summer I spent in Italy. As part of The Urbino Project, we had to write several blogs. I was reading through some of my friends and I stumbled across one written by Jack Turner (no relation 🙂 ). He said that although he was older, in some ways his companions on this trip seemed decades older-traveling the world on their own, only seeing their families a few times a year….I was not one of those people. Until now.

Until I turned 21 years old, the longest I had ever been away from my mother was a grand total of 7 days.  The summer I turned 21 I went to Italy for a month. It was amazing and perfect and I would never trade it for anything in this life, but I knew at the end of that trip I would be going home to my mom, my brother, my family and friends. I was definitely not one of those experienced travelers that Jack spoke of.  

Three years later, I can say much has changed. I have traveled most of the United States, lived in Okinawa, visited Tokyo, speak a smattering of several languages. But does that make me grown up now? Most days I don’t feel like that. There is something to be said for wanderlust, it brings new memories, new adventures, but it reminds me that no place holds a candle to the people you met. Re-reading old blogs makes me miss Italy, makes me miss the friends I made there. Hopefully, one day I can take my husband there and show him  all the things I love so much. Maybe the Urbino kids could all meet me there too? 

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