So Clumsy

Do you ever feel like  you are going to trip over your own feet? I feel that every day. Over the weekend I got my hair Japanese straightened. It’s a chemical straightening (like the Brazilian Blowout) known as thermal reconditioning. Basically it straightens your hair out completely and leaves it smooth and pin straight. My hair was a great candidate because it is all natural. I haven’t had any color in four years. Plus, with the humidity here on Okinawa my hair frizzes up to the size of a lion’s mane. I wanted to be able to wear my hair down. I really like it actually, its smooth and pretty and took me 10 minutes to blow dry it.

Anyway, so I have this new hair style and I bought a new gray pencil skirt. After several changes on the blouse. I settled on a green and gray print blouse with short sleeves. I even put little wedge sandals on. I even think I look nice, but I trip over the carpet and I stumble down the stairs and my sunglasses fog up from going out of the AC to the humid Okinawan morning. Then my hair blows in my face and I feel like one of those out of step girls from the movies.

You know, the one whose heel breaks and she smears lipstick on her face and then her hair gets all blown around in the wind?! I feel like that is me every day. It’s almost comical, but sort of disappointing. Maybe I need my own personal assistant/stylist? *Sigh*


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