The Storm is Coming…

… maybe. I have now prepared for two or three typhoons just to recieve a little bit of rain. I think this might be the big one though. Seriously, it’s starting to get a bit scary thinking that I’m going to be all alone in the house while Mother Nature rages on outside my door. Liz and I were supposed to go to the wine festival this weekend, but it was postponed due to “a giant raging super typhoon.” So there are two groups on Okinawa when it comes to Typhoons-“The I hate typhoons, I’m so scared, this is terrible” and the “oh a typhoon, no big deal I fought my way out the perfect storm once.”  I think I’m more inclined towards the former. I didn’t get sand bags again …errr…. I guess that means I have to drag my trash cans upstairs and shove them in the cluttered storage room. Do you know how hard it is to get two giant trash cans upstairs?

I have a lawn mower as well, but I think that will be safe under the steps. I just have to shove it as far as it will go under the stairs and pray it doesn’t go anywhere. Luckily, our building forms and alcove and is more protected from wind than the yard. I apologize in advance if my lawn mower decides to go all Dorothy on me and flies away. The things about typhoons is that it is so tedious to secure items and fret over things, when in reality a tree may fall on your car and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop it. I’m about to go to the store and fight the crowds. I need snacks …. I cannot be deprived of my chips for the whole weekend. I guess I Should probably get essential food items too … hmmm.

Anyone want to keep me and Shisha company? I’m not going outside at all … last time I almost blew away.


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