I stopped searching for my mind a long time ago

Good day everyone! As I was driving to work today I couldn’t help, but consider how my thought process jumps from one thing to the next without pause. I was thinking about Okinawa and this deployment and how hard it seems to be for me.

Then I realized something … if I had not come to Okinawa at all. I would have spent 2 years without Richie because he would have been on an unaccompanied tour. Now, I may have seen him for a month here or there, but in reality I probably would have been away from him for a year at a time. Now that I’m here, I know that even if he goes on these deployments we will have spent almost 3 straight years together living together, building a life together, and I’m so grateful for that. I know I complain, I know that sometimes my friends think I might be losing it, but I’m glad that for more  often than not he is with me. Maybe that is why it’s so hard while he is away. I am used to have my other half, my better half with me to support me and encourage me.

I met some other spouses whose husbands work with Richie. Everyone seemed nice, but I wondered how they could joke so easily about being glad for peace and quiet when their husbands left or how the house is always clean when they are gone. I just smiled, but in reality I’m just not that way. Maybe it’s because we are still fairly newly married, maybe it’s because I have no children and I’m young. I don’t know … all I know is that I want him back and can’t wait for that day. Anyway, I’m just lucky that’s all. Who else can say they get to have their first kiss over and over again?

I’m stressed, but it seems like I’ve lost my mind a long time ago. 😉 Guess that’s one less thing to worry about ?

Our First Anniversary

Photo by SCN Photography


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