Standing in the Corner with my 5 Best Friends …

When Kels turned 21, she decided that we should go away for vacation to the beach (“Downey oshun, hon!”). So we found a place on 11th Street, two blocks back from the boardwalk. This was in 2009, and there was probably about ten of us. That year, the “girls” sang this song “Make the good girls go bad” over and over. Our favorite line was, “I was standing in the corner with my five best friends …” and even though we were missing several of our other best friends (we usually travel in a pack of like 20 :p). It seemed so fitting and  carefree. That weekend is literally one of my favorite memories. That summer and the summer after (as we fondly like to say it was “the best summer ever.”)  I spent literally every moment with my friends.  Whenever we planned parties, it was always like 20 of us, guys and girls. We went on trips together, spent weekends together … no matter what, we were always together. I met so many wonderful people (B Money and all of my friends from Grace, especially my dear Brenda <3.) Life was never dull.

Summer ended but at least I got to still see my friends alot. Bike Week 2010 came around and we gathered all the troops and had a blast. That’s the first time I spoke to Richie on the phone. When Richie came to Maryland, we had a group bon fire so everyone could meet my future husband (yes, my crazy self had apparently decided we were getting married). He fit in perfectly with my friends and we had game nights and parties. Even when I moved to NC, several months later …we still had tons of friends around.  Annie B always came to stay with us and we went out with Richie’s friends from Lejeune. After our wedding, I spent most days with my Sissy, and Mary Ashley …  (Elizabeth is Annie’s sister, but I adopted her too). I was never alone. 

I knew the transition was going hard. Even as I prepared for the move to Okinawa and everyone else started going their own ways, I was still optimistic. Now a year later, I can say I’m definitely blessed… I have several great friends, but life is so busy that I barely get to see them. Sometimes, I just feel lonely. I know that I am blessed beyond measure that my husband has spent nearly the whole year with me (give or take a month here and there),  but as this “float” looms on the horizon, I’m missing my friends at home. I missing the Shore House and Bike Week.  My god-daughter was born after we left for Okinawa and she will be one year old in four months … I can’t wait until the day I meet her and I miss her mama more than I could ever put into words. (I love you Rina and Jai).  One of my friends who I have known since kindergarten, had her little boy this year and her daughter turns 3 in a few weeks … where does the time go. I hate not seeing them grow.

I guess I’m feeling sorry for myself … sometimes days like this (a rainy one at that), just sneak up on you. I just want to say to TAKAKA, BFF, Rina, Jessie, Alicia, Sissy, Frances (who I am so proud of for serving our country <3), Evann, Kristina,  TKO, Aaron, Josephine, Chance, B Money, Scott, Zanman and everyone back home that I am privileged to call my friends … I miss you more than all the ocean.

By the way, I heard Okinawa is really nice this time of year …

One thought on “Standing in the Corner with my 5 Best Friends …

  1. marianna says:

    miss u too.OC just doesn’t seem the same without the
    crew running in and out. saw some of them at tony,s
    goodby get togetherm

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