Email that I was going to send to the news station but decided not too.

Mr. Cartwright,

I came across your website through Facebook and was disheartened to read an article titled “Local Army Wife Demands Answers when Husband is denied leave.” I immediately scrolled to the bottom of the page in order to leave a comment but found that there was no interactive feature on your website.

Lacey says Army officials made a mistake by telling her husband’s unit they would get rest and relaxation in the first place.

She hopes the Pentagon sees that they were wrong.

“They need to own up to their mistakes,” she said. “[The troops] own up to their responsibility, they should too.”

This particular issue could be connected to a policy change by defense officials that shortened the Army’s tour-of-duty. We have several calls out to the Pentagon to get some answers, however we’re still waiting on their response. We’ll keep you posted.

As news director, I thought that I would bring to your attention that every single day someone’s husband is denied leave. Every single night someone’s child cries for their daddy because he is away in a combat zone, with no way to call home. My best friend’s husband was not present for the birth of their first child because he was serving in Iraq. Did she complain because the “Pentagon” was wrong. No, she did it on her own. She didn’t call the newspaper and demand answers. She didn’t humiliate herself and her husband by causing a big scene.

The reason I’m writing is because this is not news. Many people, my husband included go on deployments. They most certainly are not “entitled” to rest and relaxation. When someone signs a contract with the United States Military they are agreeing to the needs of the military. I just find it appalling that you would consider this news worthy.

Write a piece on organizations that support the military. Share a story about a military homecoming. Don’t make all military wives look bad by sharing one woman’s lack of understanding for military protocol. This is not a mistake nor is it something to “own up too.”

I’m sorry that the Pentagon is far to busy to respond to your phone class asking why someone’s wife (a civilian who is NOT part of the military) was upset because her husband was denied leave. But yes, please let me know if you hear from the Pentagon. I’d love to hear their opinions on this riveting news story.

What a joke.


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