Thinking Cap

*Loud Sigh* I have been thinking alot lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that Richie and I need a get away together. We work (he much more than I) and we come home and pass out from exhaustion around nine p.m. On weekends, I’m catching up on homework or we are cleaning and organizing the house for the week ahead.  I wish it was as easy as *poof* get away and go on vacation. I tried to plan a weekend in mainland for July 4 but Richie’s request was denied. He’ll be on a ship now when he’s not working on base and they are very busy. Which brings me to my sad news … deployments 😦   coming up soon :(. They last 3 to 4 months each with only a month in between. 

He’ll be so very far away. Anyone want to come to Japan and stay with me?


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