Okinawa Bucket List Updated Version November 2012

I am starting an Okinawa Bucket List before we PCS back to the States … 18 months to go.

1. Visit some outer islands of Okinawa.

2. Orion Beer Festival

3. See the Cherry Blossoms

4. Visit Okinawa World

5. Go to the Sunflower Festival

6. Go to a Japanese restaurant without any English menus at all.

7. Order in Japanese.

8. Go Ziplining at Forest Adventure.

9. Go to Club Med

10. Eat at Sea Garden on the seawall.

11. Visit a love hotel.

12. Ride Go Carts.

13. Visit Tokyo (Disneyland). Still haven’t gone to Disneyland.

14. Visit other parts of Japan-Kyoto, Hiroshima

15.  Visit China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan

16. Travel to Australia and New Zealand.

17. Shop at the Pottery Village

18. Stay in a fancy resort.

19. Go to some bars on the seawall.


20. Go snorkeling.

21. Learn to scuba dive.

22. Buy a kimono and wear it to a festival.

23. Ride the Ferris Wheel.

24. Ride the bus and the monorail.


25. Take the Japanese Battle Sites Tour.

26. Visit Bios on the Hill.

27.  Take pictures at Cape Manzamo and the Toilet Bowl

28. Visit some castle ruins.

29. Eat sushi.

30. Go to the Shrine on New Year’s Day.

31. Eat at Yakiniku restaurant (grill your own meat).

32. Go Hiking at a Waterfall.

33. Roller Slides

34. Visit the art museums.

35. Relax at an Asian Spa.

36. Go to a Glass Factory (make our own glass).

37. Visit the Pineapple Park.

38. Walk through a cave!


39. Learn to swim properly.


40. Futenma Shrine

41. See a bull fight.

42. Survive a typhoon

43. Get a Japanese pedicure

44. Go Geocaching (with the Tabors!)


45. Visit Ryukyu Mura Village.

46. Go to the Beach.

47.  Wall through the tropical dream center and botanical gardens.


48. Go to the Butterfly Gardens.

49. Shop at a Family Mart (convenience store).

50. Visit the second largest Aquarium in Japan.

51. Buy Shi-shi dogs.

52.  Swim with dolphins.

53. Get a dog.

54. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

55. Learn to make my own sushi.

56. Dance at a Salsa Club.

57. Stay out all night.

58. Eat pancakes at OHop (Okinawa House of Pancakes). (

Okay so we didn’t eat at OHOP but we did eat at Jakkepoes Pancake House … AMAZING).

59. Write a feature story.

60. Eat anizakaya (small restaurant serves bar food/sushi and beers)  where you have to take your shoes off.

61. Whale Watching

62. Pet a bull.

63. Visit the Naha Glass Factory.

64. Stay in Tokyo.

65. Visit a Shinto Shrine.

66. Go to the top of the Tokyo Tower.

67. Ride the subway in Tokyo.

68. Shop at the Laquerware store.

69. Naha Tug of War

70. Shop at the Recycle Store.


More to Come! Let me know if there is anything that I must try!


2 thoughts on “Okinawa Bucket List Updated Version November 2012

  1. Brenda says:

    I’d love to see you also add to the list the things you’ve already done–and show them crossed off, of course!! 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    It makes me happy to see your efforts to push past the day-to-day doldrums and experience the unique opportunities of this special, often difficult, and definitely temporary part of your life! Much love! ❤

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