A common stereotype I see among the military community especially with the spouses are lazy, has let themself go and mooch off their husbands. Now, I can see where people would say that but it’s not really true. Most military wives are mothers or they work from home. I seriously don’t know anyone who sits at home and eats bon-bons (maybe people do but I don’t know anyone). Anyway, I don’t ever want to be one of those people or be thought of as one of those wives who lets themselves get fat and stops caring about their overall appearance. My husband loves me just the way I am but we all know as you get older you tend to get rounder and things start to shift. I have vowed that I will not let this happen to me.

Richie and I started Insanity several weeks ago as a team. We changed our eating habits  and got through three weeks of Insanity (a beach body DVD with crazy workouts) before we lost steam. Then my best friend, Ally, came to visit me and all I wanted to do was eat junk food and hang out. I have officially started Insanity over as of April 23. I’m going to complete the program all the way through this time. It’s 60 days to be beach ready! Last night was so hard I felt like I might collapse but every time I felt like stopping I just pushed myself a little bit harder. I’m not going to lie, it’s not fun. I don’t LIKE to do it. But it’s making me better. In the first three weeks I had lost a lb and a half an inch all around so there was definitely results! (my boss said I can’t use exclamation marks at work unless it’s really important!!!!! but I love exclamation points!)   So just you wait, I’ll just try to keep a journal on here but today is DAY 2 …. it’s insane.


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