Goodbyes are always sad!

I know, I know … I said I would write once a week. I promised and I really did want to, but its impossible sometimes. It’s only been three weeks…. ok I’ll try harder.  My best friend, Ally C, just left to go back to the States and I’m really sad.  For those of you who didn’t know, we worked for MONTHS to surprise Richie and not let him know when she was getting here, so I couldn’t write a post about how excited I was that she was coming! Anyways, Richie left for Hawaii on a Monday and two days later  Ally arrived in Okinawa! It was one of the best moments to see a familiar face and one of my dearest friends, we both cried at the airport.  We spent the next few days hanging out, seeing Okinawa … shopping, trying Japanese foods and waiting for Richie.  We almost managed to pull off the great surprise but at the last moment, he saw her hiding behind a pillar at the airport so it was a surprise until then haha. 

The next day was Easter, so we all went to Church, then had brunch and watched the neighborhood kids have an Easter Egg Hunt (so cute!). Then, on Monday we took Ally to see Shuri Castle (the last standing castle of the Ryukyu kingdom). It has been renovated for many years in order to look like its original form. It had even burned now four times before! We took silly pictures, ate candy and overall had a blast.  The next few days, I worked in the mornings and took off at noon so we could hang out. We had a Harry Potter movie marathon, we went to the beach (only one day 😦 …), went shopping, got pedicures (yay for pretty toes), and hung out around Okinawa.  I feel kind of bad that we didn’t get to do more “touristy” things, but I was just happy to have her with me! Last weekend, we went out with Brandy and  Alex and then on Saturday night went to a party for Dereck’s birthday. So of course the next days we were useless (read: hungover) and laid around the house all day!  

Yesterday was wonderful. I got home from work and we had lunch and then we went souvenir shopping. Ally got lovely Shisa (lions) to take home as well as gifts for people. I bought a yen change purse and I got Richie a Samurai Sword Letter Opener (which he loved)! After we spent a ton of money, we headed over to the Japanese photo booth. It has its own special name but I don’t know what it is. The way the Japanese photo booth works is you put in four hundred yen and then you pick several backgrounds, you also pick how you want the picture to look. Then, you take a ton of funny pictures with silly backgrounds. At the end of photos you get to choose four or five that you like the best.  But its not over yet! You have to hurry to the screen outside the booth. There you can decorate the pictures with everything from letters and designs of all kinds to Japanese characters. You get about 3 minutes to decorate. Ally and I put hearts and our names and Okinawa all over the pictures :). Once you are done, (you can put in more yen if you need more time) you pick how many pictures you want printed and wait until they print in the little side pocket.  It’s seriously so much fun!

Then last night, Ally, Richie, Sarah, Dereck, Marshall and I (and Richie’s friend Justin) all went to the Four Seasons Steakhouse. It’s a Teppanyaki style (that’s like hibachi grill). It was awesome. We had pork, steak, rice, noodles and even a lobster! It was a bittersweet night for me because I knew that today would be the day she went home.  We had a wonderful time and I’m hoping she has a great flight and doesn’t get too bored during the 15 hour flight!  It’s back to reality for me. Richie and I are re-starting Insanity. We took a two week break so it is back on now. We are starting from the beginning and trying to do it right this time! Wish us luck. We’ve gotta get our beach bodies ready, summer on Okinawa is only a few s hort weeks away.

On a side note: I miss home. It seemed very real to me that as I sent Ally home from her visit, it could be another two years before I see her or any of our other friends and family again. 😦 I’m lucky that I have my wonderful husband by my side to make my world bright. Love you baby. and I MISS YOU Best Friend!


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