I love you more today, than I did yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow than I do today. Forever.

Ten days ago, my dearest husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary! It was amazing and it makes me happy to look back on the crazy, wonderful year we had. A little more than a year ago, I got a phone call from Richie saying that he had orders to Japan. In one quick and devastating phone call, I felt that my life as I knew it was over … and I was right. After crying until I had no energy left, I picked myself up and we started making plans. We decided on an intimate wedding on the beach and started making phone calls. Two days later, Richie got down on one knee, and two days after that we were married. It was happy (and sad because so many people missed out) but to me it was perfect. Then came the hard part, for weeks we packed and stressed and did paperwork and argued with the Marine Corps until we were ready to start our journey to Okinawa.

Every friday, BFF would call and wish us “Happy one week of marriage, Happy two weeks of marriage and on and on.” I had to leave my job in NC so I spent my days at the gym with Sissy and Mash, and my nights with my hubs and life was nothing short of perfect (minus the idea of leaving the States). Richie and I spent our weekends at the beach, we had parties and cook outs and went out at night in J-ville.  On June 15, we held each others hands and faced the unknown and we didn’t look back as we left our home.  I was terrified of flying, but to tell you the truth, I wasn’t even scared to be moving across the world because I had my husband right beside me.

I’ve struggled with being homesick and wanting to curl up in bed for days, but as soon we both get home from work, none of that matters. We truly are having an experience of a lifetime and I know it’s not just because we are in Japan. I know that it’s because I married my soul mate. We’ve learned Japanese phrases, eaten exotic foods, went on a dinner cruise, snorkeled in the clear blue water and so much more. It’s all been worth it because we are together. 

Lately, we have been on a health kick. We are doing the Insanity workout program and I’m proud to say we’ve made it to week 3 without missing very  many days. I’m also trying to cook healthier. Richie’s an amazing motivator because even when I feel like collapsing, he encourages me to go on.  (Too bad, Taco Bell is our favorite food 😉 ) When I’m stressed out with work or school, he always helps me t through!

(By the way, in 4 days I will have finished my first class and be starting my  second class of my graduate program!!)

Anyway, we are doing great. As much as we miss home, we will be back in 27 months and believe me we are so excited! Until then, the adventure continues and I wouldn’t have it any other way as long as Richie is by my side. <3. I love you, Happy One year and here’s to many, many, many more!


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