Ally Squared reunited in Japan <3.

In 13 days I get to celebrate my one year annivesary with my hubby <3. I can’t believe it has almost been a whole year since we said our vows on the beach in North Carolina! Time sure flies when you are having fun. 🙂 The other good news that I have is that my BEST FRIEND and fellow Allyson Marie is traveling across the ocean to visit me very soon!! It’s been 9 months since I have last seen her (or America for that matter) and I am probably going to cry when she finally gets here. We have known each other since we were in elementary school (she was one year below me) and went to the same church. When we were in middle school, we became best friends and have been ever since.  The last few years have brought some really tough obstacles for both of us to overcome but we mangaged to stick together even though we are 7000 miles apart.

I can’t wait to show my Ally Sue the island of Okinawa. I’m definitely taking her to the roller slide parks, which Richie and I just went to for the first time last weekend. Roller slides for those who aren’t in Japan are giant slides with metal cylinders that roll as you go down the slide … it is AWESOME! We have some videos and a ton of pictures on Facebook. I have a giant  bruise/scrape from banging my leg against the metal sides of the slide. Word of advice: Bring cardboard to sit on or your butt will hurt really bad! The Tabors (Sarah, Dereck and Marshall) and the Baezs (Brandy and Alex) and Richie and I visited two different parks and spent the day outside playing. It was awesome! It will be even better when I can take Ally :).

I also can’t wait to go get a fancy Japanese pedicure!! I have been hearing about them for almost a year now but I have yet to get one! It’s going to be so amazing to have someone from home here with us! She is coming within the next 8 weeks but I can’t say when because she wants to surprise Richie (although he is snooping around to get the dates from me). I get anxious just talking about it!! I have been feeling homesick and I am so happy that we will get to see her.

I love my besties here, Sarah and Brandy, but it will be great to have friends from home. ( I hope she brings my mom in her suitcase) =P.


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