My Goal (Short Update)

When I started this blog originally, I said I was going to write EVERY day. I tried but then I promptly got busy and only updated once a month or so. Then I got married and decided to change the blog to reflect our new life together and our adventure in Japan!  I have been keeping up (sort of) over the last 8 months but I am going to try harder.

Currently, I have 64 blog posts including this one. Over two years (March 1, 2010), I have only averaged about two posts a month! That is no good. I am working towards a new goal. I am going to try to write once a week. It may be a short update or it may be a long post, but there is plenty going on in my life that my friends and family back home might want to learn about :). Thanks for staying faithful readers! <3.


One thought on “My Goal (Short Update)

  1. Ali J says:

    You MUST update at least once a week! I need to know everything about your life since we can’t have 2593594 phone calls a day! Love you!

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