My saving grace

It’s been six months and 12 days (but whose counting) since I said goodbye to my mother and family and got on the first of four flights that carried me here to Okinawa.  The first flight was only a few hours but left me exhausted and sick. The flight in the middle was almost half a day and the last flight two flights were short and eventually we landed on this tiny island.  Every day I drive to work and I look around at all the shops or restaurants that I see along the main road. I still marvel at the cars and the customs of people going about their everyday life. Mostly, I don’t know what anything is because I can’t read Japanese but certain things I know and have learned to love. Then there are the other things I cannot wait to get home to …

I love that I can get sushi almost anywhere any time. Most of the time it is really good too.

I hate the traffic and the fact that it takes me an hour to drive the fifteen miles from my house to my office.

I love the beauty of the island, and the fact that I don’t have to wear a jacket in December. When I leave work today, the sun will be out and it will still be warm.

I hate when it rains for days on end and I feel like the sky is crying. I hate that sometimes I can’t help but cry too.

Most locals will give you credit for trying to speak Japanese to them, even if you are butchering it. I think that is really nice. 

Sometimes the BX or the commissaries are out of necessities because some locals will come and shop (without tax) and then sell these items on the black market. It’s not fair but sadly its human nature.   

I love my dog, even though she is spoiled rotten and doesn’t listen most days, she makes me so happy when she wags her little curly cue tail.

I hate that my family is an ocean away plus the cost of a $2000 international plane ticket. I miss them a lot.

I love taking my shoes off when we go out to eat off base. I love the little restaurant down the street from our house, its cozy.

Did I mention that I hate the traffic here? The speed limits are about 5 to 50 miles per hour…..50 miles per hour on the highway MAXIMUM.

I love the beach, and the sun when it shines and makes me feel like I may just enjoy it here sometimes.

 I miss the mall. I wish that I could just go home for a little while and go on a major shopping for American sizes and flat shoes without a 7 inch heel.

I love the way that cars are so different from home. The other day I saw a scene from the Lion King painted on the back of some one’s window. It was awesome.

I miss knowing the language. I hate that I can’t understand the signs and the words that people are saying, the language barrier is without a doubt the worst obstacle here.


I could go on for hours and hours, but I’m afraid the bad things may start to out weight the good and I’ll start feeling homesick. But even with all the things I miss about home, I am more blessed than ever. It’s because I am here with Richie. The one and only thing that makes everything worthwhile is being with my husband.  I love you baby, you are my everything.


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