The holidays are already gone

This year really flew by…It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I had begun dating Richie and he was coming to Mom’s house almost every weekend. Last Christmas, we had been together for almost 3 months when he came to stay with us for the holiday weekend. He wasn’t granted leave to go back to Ohio. I felt really sad for him because I know he wanted to spend time with his family.  Fast forward twelve months and we are married, living in Okinawa, Japan with no one but each other (and our dog Shisha).   We got married in March and PCS’d to Okinawa in June, about 5 months later I finally got a job working as a writer/editor for Marine Corps Community Services Marketing Department. I’ve already been here over a month.  Time seems to have sped up this past month. I feel like I was just planning for Thanksgiving and now the New Year is upon us.

For Christmas we had 13 people over for dinner.  I cooked a ham and a pot roast and all the holiday fixings.  Even though I felt kind of under the weather, it still turned out to be a wonderful day.  We got up early and went to Chapel (the priest was funny, not as good as Raff though). Then, we opened presents with our Shisha girl.  She made out like a bandit; two bones, three bags of treats and two stuffed animals. Her favorite one is from Nana, it’s a Minnie Mouse doll with a squeaker. It is definitely not Richie’s favorite toy. I was spoiled, I got a brand new Coach purse from my husband and Glee Season 2 and Zumba for the KInnect. My mom got Richie and I the Kinnect and it’s really fun to play. I’m hoping to get on a routine and do Zumba every day.  Even with our Christmas party rocking we were in bed before midnight. I got up early and scrubbed the kitchen the next morning but decided to take a nap that lasted all day! I was pumped to go to work the next day (and wear one of the lovely new outfits my mom sent me) but I was really sick. So I spent Tuesday resting as well.  I finally worked today (Wednesday, December 28) but I can’t believe that Christmas is over and the New Year is almost upon us.  A lot happened in the past year, especially the past 10 months or so. I guess I just have to wait and see what kind of adventures next year holds for us.

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