Graduate School

So 2 years and 8 months after I graduated from college and received my undergraduate degree, I will finally be starting my Masters program!!!! Hopefully.  For the past few weeks I have been working on a 5 to 10 page essay (creative non-fiction) to turn in with my Masters application.  Wait, let me back up….for the past few months I have been searching for a fully online (or even on island) program that was a Masters in Creative Writing.   I was coming up empty handed because most writing programs require a low residency portion in which you go back to the states for a week or two and complete a writing workshop each semester. Unfortunately for me, Okinawa is very far away from the states AND is really expensive to travel back and forth twice a year.  I finally found a school called Southern New Hampshire University that offers a fully accredited, fully online Masters of Fine Arts in English and Creative Writing!  I was thrilled because they even offer a non-fiction concentration (think writing true stories!) It seems extremely similar to the program offered at Johns Hopkins but it is online.  Anyway, so I wrote a short essay on why I wanted to pursue a degree in this program. I filled out my applications, requested my transcripts from Towson University and wrote my personal essay/memoir.   It took a lot out of me because I chose and extremely emotional subject; moving to Okinawa.  

I collected all my application materials and sent them in. I got approved for tuition assistance through my employer (they pay up to 10, 000 dollars a year in tuition and fees! That’s five classes a year).  Now I’m just waiting to hear form SNHU and see if they accept me into the program. I really hope they do, I would love to be able to start my Masters program on January 9.  If they don’t accept me, I don’t know what I’ll do….probably cry. 

I’ve been working and writing articles and getting settled into my new job (writer/editor at MCCS Marketing) and I love it. I just really want to take advantage of this tuition assistance program while I am on island.  There are only 12 courses in my program and if I take them over the next two years, my employer will pretty much cover all the courses!  The only stipulation is that I get good grades and stay on for six months after the course is finished, which shouldn’t be an issue since I’m here until 2014.

So wish me luck everyone! I love writing and I really do think this Masters program will help enhance my skills and give me an opportunity to write every day (along with my new job). I will post my personal essay to the next blog post once I find out if I have been accepted. If you want to read it before then, just shoot me an email at  Have a great day!


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