An Attempt at a Blog Post

Wow, the months really fly by when you aren’t looking. It’s been almost 8 weeks since my last blog post. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago.

It’s been a while since I have taken the time to sit down and write on my personal blog. I guess Facebook really is taking over the world!  Richie and I had a wonderful Halloween with our friends and neighbors in the 455. We dressed up as Woody and Bo Peep from Toy Story and Shisha was our little sheep. J  On Halloween I finally had an interview for the job I was hoping to get. It is a position in Marketing department as a writer.  The interview went amazing! I was called back for a second interview about three days later.   Then it was a waiting game! While we waited, Richie took leave and we went off exploring the island of Okinawa.
We took a tour up North and visited the Pineapple Park and Fruitland, then we visited a glass blowing factory and Richie blew his own glass! He’s a natural.  We went out to dinner a lot and ate amazing food. We saw the Orion Beer Factory which was really cool. Did you know that Orion’s factory is about 90 % green? They even go out and collect bottles from the bars around Okinawa to reuse them! Leave was a much-needed relaxation for my super awesome hubs and for me to get to see him EVERY DAY for ten days.  When Richie went back to work I received the call that I had been hoping for. I was hired!!  I am now officially a writer/editor for MCCS Okinawa’s Marketing Department. I work on lots of things including a monthly magazine called Okinawa Living and a weekly insert called The Source.   I started the day before Thanksgiving. Then Sarah and I picked up our pre ordered Holiday Turkey and fixins’ at the restaurant down the street and we laid out a magnificent feast for our families and our neighbors!  Thanksgiving was a wonderful four-day weekend and we ate a ton of food and basically had a blast.  I even made turkey soup!  
After Thanksgiving was my grand return to the workforce full-time! I am still getting used to getting up at 6 a.m. every day and actually working a full day without napping or reading a book haha. I think it’s a great thing for me though because I was getting cabin fever during the day. Now, I am actually out of the house and I am doing what I love, specifically writing and editing.  It’s only 13 days until Christmas and I’ve never been so excited.  We received some wonderful boxes from the states and now the presents are sitting happily under our tree.  Richie is definitely dying to open them.  We also put up our very first Christmas tree together with a few ornaments and lovely glass Christmas bulbs.  We are in the process of making our stockings now!  Sarah and I are going to attempt to actually cook for Christmas dinner! Wish us luck. The only damper on my holiday spirit is my Christmas cards, 12 of them haven’t even gotten to me yet  and about half of the other cards I sent got soaking wet and showed up to my friends and family practically ruined L. Thank goodness for scanners so I can email them the photo.  No real plans for the upcoming holidays except spending time with my hubby and my pup and enjoying the fact that we are all together!  Hopefully, I’ll write more often….well I’ll try.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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