Hello Again!

Konnichiwa! It’s been a few days since I have written a post. I got so comfortable playing with Shisha and hanging out with Sarah that I kept putting off writing in my blog. So here’s a little bit of our life here in Okinawa.

Richie and I have been exploring the island on his days off. We even went snorkeling all by ourselves! We haven’t gotten the chance to go again yet but we hope to take a snorkeling tour before the water gets too choppy. We’ve also been making our own sushi and discovering new places along the way. We have yet to ride the Giant Ferris Wheel in American Village but maybe one day we will. Last week, Megan and I took Basic Japanese last week and it turned out really well. I actually know how to say basic conversation and can understand the language more clearly when I hear it.  I really hope to take the next part of the class at the end of October. We have 32 months left here and there is no excuse not to be able to converse in Japanese by the time we leave here. (In our adventures, Megan also taught me a new shortcut from Courtney to McT and its my favorite way to go now. I can get from our house to hers in under ten minutes.  ) Then, Amber and I took the Japanese Survival Writing class on Foster. It was pretty awesome even though it is going to be extremely hard.  This class taught us how to write Katakana which is Japanese characters used for names, foreign countries and adapted words.  Many people don’t realize that there are words that the Japanese take from English and change their pronunciation.  The reason the pronunciation seems off  is because there are different letters in the English alphabet than in Japanese so the adapted words are changed to Japanese syllables (ex. Coffee is Kohi).  There is also Kanji (descended from Chinese) and Hiragana. There are hundreds of Japanese characters and different rules for each one. No wonder, it is a difficult language to read, write and comprehend.

This week has been dragging for me because Richie went back to the states to attend a class. It is a great opportunity and he is learning a lot but I miss him so much.  Thankfully, we have Skype and can see each other every day.  I knew I would miss him but what sucks the most is the emptiness. Our apartment only has two bedrooms a living room and a kitchen but without him here it seems so big and lonely.  At night, when he would be coming home from work I still feel like he should be walking in through the front door. I’m so glad he is only going away for a few weeks. I have so much admiration for those wives whose husbands are away on deployment, they are so strong and inspiring!  Compared to them I feel like such a baby! I dont’ know what I would do with out the girls in my neighborhood. Sarah B and Tab are so supportive and helpful even though their hubbies have been gone away longer than mine.  We sit outside in the front yard and it helps pass the time.  I can’t forget Liz, (who I owe a lifetime of favors for mowing my lawn),  Jeanette and Alysha who always make time to chat and keep me (and Shisha) company. I’m so lucky to have these ladies so close to me!

Then, there’s my bestie and partner in-crime Sarah T. We pretty much drive around with her little one (Marshall) and explore Okinawa. We devise plans of how we are all going to live in San Diego one day and open a bed and breakfast or have a cross-country vow renewal on Skype if (Heaven Forbid) we get separated at our next PCS.  Our current plan is to put a pulley system from our window to theirs so we can send things back and forth. 🙂

I applied for a position at MCCS in the marketing department as a writer/editor but I haven’t heard back about the position yet. I really hope that I get to interview for this position because I missing writing. I need some structure or else I get distracted too easily. I was also looking at grad school programs but it has been a let down so far.  I want to find an online program for creative writing but most of  them require a residency (usually in the states) and unfortunately, it would be impossible for me to get back to the states twice a year.  I’m not giving up hope just yet though.

Slowly but surely, I’m making Okinawa my home.  I finally have a rug in the living room and pictures hung on the wall. Today, I went and registered Shisha at the vet in our name. So she officially belongs to us!  (I love her so much, I swear she is the cutest dog on the planet). I still have to figure out how to get in touch with her previous owners (so far no response from them) so I can transfer her microchip into our name.  The neighbors are all planning a Halloween party in John and Jeanette’s back yard. I think we are going to rent a tent and some tables! Richie and I are being Woody and Bo-Peep (from Toy Story) and Shisha is going to be our little sheep! (Speaking of which, I need to make her a costume!)  Then the ball is coming up in November and Thanksgiving. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.  I drove to Kadena today all by myself and for once I didn’t feel nervous or anxious. It was just like driving from Hubert to Camp Lejeune. I knew my way and it is familiar to me.  The island is all starting to feel familiar.

That doesn’t mean I don’t miss home. I do. I miss my family, especially my Mom. We get to talk every night but it’s not the same as getting to hug her. I miss my friends too. I consider myself lucky to have so many dear friends but that makes it that much harder when you have to leave.  I miss Camp Lejeune.  Maybe it’s because that was where Richie and I started our life. Maybe it’s because I have only good and happy memories there. I don’t know but I do feel like there is something missing when I think about North Carolina. Just a tiny tug at my heart, maybe we will get back there one day or maybe not.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last posted (sorry to myself as well) some days I just don’t have the energy to write, some days I just don’t seem to care.  I will try to write again soon. Sayonnara!




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