Learning Japanese

Today was my second Japanese lesson.  Megan and I signed up for Basic Japanese Part 1 at the Personal Services Center on base!  Yesterday, we learned basic Japanese phrases (everyday things like Good Morning, How are you?) Today we learned words for fruits, food, drinks, body parts, animals as well as numbers. We also practiced basic conversation. I don’t think I will be fluent by the end of the four days by any means but I at least know how to speak to people. It makes me feel like I have a purpose as well when I have to get up and go somewhere at a specific time. I wish I was back in school. At least then I would have to focus on my schoolwork each day.  I applied for a part-time job at the Staff NCO club here on base. I haven’t heard anything about it yet. I also emailed our FRO (Family Readiness Officer) about a  secretary position that she sent out a notification about. I’m not dying to work. It’s not that I’m going crazy here but I seem to waste a lot of time hanging around the house.  I think if I had a part-time job I would manage my time a little bit better.

Anyways, Okinawa is starting to grow on me. I have my moments but overall its not so bad. I guess as I always say it’s all about adjustment.


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