Catching Up

It’s been a pretty busy week but a really good one. Last week Richie got to come home every day at lunch and it was awesome! I wish he worked on Courtney every day.  We finally got a second car! It’s a Toyota Supra and he loves it! It’s silver and in really good condition. So now I have the black car to run around town in. Which is awesome except today the window got stuck. It’s rolled halfway down so I really hope that it doesn’t rain!  Last week we went to Mongolian BBQ (yes, it was just as amazing as last time) and we had meatloaf on Thursday night.

Saturday, Richie and I decided to go on an adventure. We made our way to Nitori (of course I forgot my ID in the house so we couldn’t go on Kadena) and shopped around. I really want to get a new entertainment center but we just spent a ton of money on the new car and insurance. So it was window shopping for me! (Ok, I did spend a little bit of money on covers for the sofa and easy chair). Then Richie wanted to make his own sushi too so we went to our first Japanese supermarket (MaxValu).  We were amazed at all of the fresh produce and the bakery (smelled soooo good). We went through the store, finding all of our ingredients by sight (since I can’t read Japanese). The only thing we didn’t find were Tobiku (fish eggs).  We brought our fresh seafood, rice, avocados, seaweed and little tiny soda cans (3oz-so cute!).  I made the rice in our new rice cooker and set out all the ingredients for Richie.  We rolled a rainbow roll each and some small seaweed rolls. They weren’t as amazing as the first time I made sushi but I think it was because I put too much seasoning on the rice and it was too wet. We froze the rest of the fish and we are going to try again in a few days. It was really fun to try to roll sushi with Richie :).  We watched movies and relaxed on Saturday night and had a cookout with our neighbors on Sunday! (After we managed to cut Richie’s hair again, this time it was really high but at least no bald spots.)

I really love our neighborhood. We have the best neighbors. I always have someone to talk to and hang out with and we all get along. Everyone just brought something to grill and a side to share. We met in Liz and Sarah’s front yards and grilled burgers and steaks. The rain even held off for over four hours.  I brought out a blanket. Richie and I sat on there (with Shisha) and talked with our neighbors all afternoon. I’m thinking this is going to have to become a Sunday tradition.

I knew today was going to be rough though when the window fell down and wouldn’t roll all the way back up.  My hair was looking crazy and Shisha was looking really sad when I went to go to the housing office.  After a little bit of confusion, my couch is being picked up on Wednesday (finally!). I picked up Amber and we headed to Foster to look for some things for her dog and board shorts for when she goes snorkeling (she’s already tore up her legs on the coral).  I found some cute place mats for our table and a bottom for our dish drainer. (Hopefully, Richie doesn’t read this before he comes home so he can be surprised). I completely forgot to go to the hardware store though! I really want to get nails and a command strip so I can hang some of our pictures on the wall. I guess that will have to wait for another day.

It’s supposed to be a relatively quiet week, the Super Typhoon has turned towards China so we won’t be locked in this time. I hope everyone on the East Coast fared ok when Hurricane Irene came blowing through.  With all the earthquakes and hurricanes back home, its like we never even left.


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Rosie says:

    Sounds like you are really settling in to life in Japan!! Hurricane went through with no major outcomes except the Kuhls and the shore are still without power! Joe and I put all things that could blow around in our shed.
    Hoping to skype you sometime this week….what is the best time?
    Love you, Princess and Prince!!

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