Sometimes I Just Don’t Have the Words

It’s true. When I wake up in the morning I have a million ideas for a blog post running through my head. I will write about my day, getting a second car, getting a job, how much I miss being able to read signs…(you get the picture). Then Richie wakes up and I start thinking about kissing his face 🙂 and getting him to work on time and wishing he didn’t have to go to work. I normally forget all about my blog until a few hours later when I’m doing my daily facebook cruise. Some days I have a lot to say but I really just don’t know how to say it.

I wish I had more ambition to write.  It’s easy to log onto Wordpress and write a blog. It’s not so easy to write an essay or a feature, edit it and submit it.  It’s like it almost takes the fun out of it….maybe I need to go back for my Master’s degree first so I can get back into a routine of deadlines and what not.  I think that is my goal as of right now, is to work on getting into a Master’s program. I’m getting good at working on the laptop so I may as well do something productive with my life. I think I’d rather do some creative writing. How fun would that be? Just do creative writing for the next few years? I don’t mind being at home but without a schedule, I tend to get too distracted.

I’m slowly learning I’m not a decorator. I can’t see things and automatically know what would look good (in my home) or what wouldn’t work. To be honest we are still using hand me downs and government furniture so its hard to work on making things match when nothing I have resembles anything else! My goal this week is to get some pictures hung up or maybe get some paint for the living room. I’m really tired of the house looking so empty. Hmm, my problem is that I just have to much free time. (I can hear my Momma now, “I told you!”).  Anyone want to help get me in gear and decorate my house all pretty?

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