Learning to Be a Marine Wife Part II (or is it III?)

I don’t know, it may be a Part 300 because I am learning something new all the time. My latest learning experience didn’t happen until the very end of this weekend. I spent all of Friday, scrubbing the house and making it look very pretty. I cleaned our room, scrubbed the kitchen, the bathroom, took out all the trash and recycling and covered the sofas with sheets to keep the dog hair off of them. I am hopefully having the government couch picked up this week so that is out of the way.  By Friday night I was kind of grumpy from scrubbing but once Richie got home I felt better. We watched Rio (it was really cute) and went to bed kind of early because Richie had to work on Saturday. Luckily, he is staying on day shift until this excercise ends.  I watched Glee all Saturday morning. It puts me in such a fanciful mood. I always feel better but wish somehow my life would turn into a musical *sigh*.

Richie came home around noon and we were lazy all day. We were going to try to find the Eisa Dancers but then we decided to find the Harry Potter movies and watch them instead!  We went to the Shoppette and bought ice cream, drinks, candy and the second and third Harry Potter movies.  We actually had a blast watching movies and cuddling on the couch (even though I feel asleep halfway through the third movie).   This weekend was shaping up to be pretty good and then we woke up today! Today, I had to learn how to cut my Marine’s hair!

We calculated and realized we spend about $10 a week on a haircut for Richie Lee. If you multiply that by 52 (weeks in a year) you get $520 dollars. Do you know what we could buy for that amount of money? Half of a plane ticket home. A plane ticket to Tokyo. A new TV, pay our car insurance for a year! (You get the idea).  So we bought clippers last week and decided that now was as good a time as any for me to learn to do his weekly haircut. You may not think this is difficult but my lovely hubs wears his hair in a medium reg (not a simple buzz).  You don’t want it to look like a little mushroom around his head but you don’t want to go to short either or else it is just a buzz cut not a fade. It started it out ok. I used our new clippers to trim a fade line around his head and make it as even as possible. Then I tried to fade it but it wasn’t go so smoothly for me. Richie took the clippers and faded his own hair (looks pretty awesome considering he can’t see the back of his head while cutting.) Believe me it sounds simple but I was so afraid I was going to send him to work with zig zag lines all over his head.  After fussing with the trimmers for over a half and hour I panic when I realize we need to leave the house in 10 minutes to go look at a car.

I started to trim the top of his head shorter. It’s looking great until I slip and shave a little patch way, way shorter than the rest! (What is the one thing you never want to hear from the person cutting your hair? *gasp* oh no!) Luckily, the little patch is on the back of his head and is covered by other hair but still I felt like a klutz and a terrible barber to boot. After we laughed for a good five minutes, we finished trimming up the sides and I clipped the front (perfectly straight I may add).  We rushed out the door (20 minutes late already) and went on to look at the car and see “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” (so cute!).  All in all, it’s not the worst haircut I have ever seen but it’s certainly not the best.  We got a good laugh out of it and I definitely know what NOT to do next time.  I’m on a roll now! (Maybe, I’ll practice on Shisha…..just kidding!)

And that is one of the million reasons why I love my husband, he loves me, helps teach me things, supports me and most of all he doesn’t even get mad when I give him a bald patch :-P.


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