Cooking Styles of this Marine Wife Part II

Ok, Ok! I’m here! I have been told by some of my adoring fans (ok it was my family). That I have been slacking on my blog posting. It’s true I have been a little more distracted lately. I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping up. At first, I was bored but now the days seem to fly by.  Monday, I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed because I did not want to get up. I didn’t want to leave my bed or do anything. Richie left for work and I watched four episodes of Glee on Netflix. I got dressed and took Shisha for a long walk. Then I Skyped with Ally C until lunch time. Richie came home and had lunch with me (macaroni and cheese!) then I continued watching Glee all day. Glee cheered me up quite a bit (I just love music and randomly bursting into songs. It just warms my heart! And the original first 15 episodes of Glee are AMAZING).  I then started doing some cleaning around the house and looking for cars.

Tuesday, I went to Nitori (think: Japanese Ikea) with my friend Megan. I scoped out some furniture and decorations. I bought a sofa throw to put over my couch so it is not so hideous. I cooked Honey Teriyaki  Chicken (Jack Daniels Marinade) with brown rice, corn, and applesauce! (Richie and I have to eat more whole grain because my triglycerides are elevated. We are just falling apart). Richie and I watched three episodes of Dual Survival. Love it! Then we found Whose Line is it Anyway? and watched that for an hour. I went to sleep a far happier girl than I was on Monday.

Today, I learned how to roll sushi! Yes, it was amazing and yes, it was delicious! A few weeks ago when I was perusing Okinawa Yard Sales,  looking for a car for myself, I got bored and started looking at other categories. I ended up searching through the “Everything Else” category. I found a wonderful teacher out in Yomitan (near to Kadena and Cape Zanpa if you take 58 North).  She does cooking lessons (including sushi rolling) out of her home. Her website is called Simple Sweets. Her name is Cynthia and she is a civilian contractor from America who has lived in Okinawa for 13 years.  I emailed her and set up a lessons for myself and two other ladies.

We drove out to Yomitan (it is right near the lighthouse Richie and I visited) and parked on the street.  It is a strange concept to me just parking randomly on the side of the road but it is a village and we were allowed to park there. Cynthia met us outside and we walked down the street to her home. Now the street she lives on is a two-way road that is the size of an alleyway. It fits one car. (I don’t even want to see how people drive two cars down that road). She told us about herself and we walked to her home. As in most homes here in Okinawa (and Japan), you take your shoes off at the door.  She had a very beautiful home with many traditional Japanese aspects (appliances, sliding doors, a tatami mats and a what I believe is called a kotatsu; dining table where you sit on the floor).

She had prepared the rice for us in a rice cooker (best way to make rice ever!). For the rainbow roll; that is a type of sushi roll with the fish and cucumber and avocado (colorful like a rainbow), we use Short Grain Rice. Then you make a seasoning with Sushi Vinegar, light brown sugar and salt.  You mix your seasoning in with your rice. We used little bamboo mats and covered them with Saran Wrap. Then you lay the rice down on the wrap (it is sticky so we use a little water to help spread it out). Then you layer it with seaweed and whatever else you would like inside your roll. We then rolled our rice into a “log” and put fish eggs (they were orange and very pretty!) all over our roll. I put salmon, tuna, shrimp and cucumber strips down for the top of my roll and then you roll it again. It is slightly challenging and frustrating but if you give your self some time it looks amazing! We chilled our rolls for at least 15 minutes. Then we made rolls with rice and seaweed with the fish inside of the roll!

After all that we cut our sushi and Cynthia set up a watermelon water, (yum!) bowls for soy sauce and chopsticks. We sat on the tatami mats and ate a wonderful lunch of homemade sushi! I even saved some for Richie.  We even plan to go on a shopping class with her at the Max Valu (Japanese type supermarket) and she will show us what we need to buy including fish (pre-cut is usually the best if you don’t want to do a lot of work), sushi vinegar, rice, avocado and cucumbers and everything you need.  I was so excited and really enjoyed our two-hour lesson.   I’m no expert but I have a recipe now and I know where things can be bought.  I think that sushi date nights may just replace taco date nights in the future! Maybe Okinawa isn’t so bad after all 😉


One thought on “Cooking Styles of this Marine Wife Part II

  1. Cynthia Walker says:

    I am so glad I made a small impact during your time in Okinawa. I’ve enjoyed teaching so many people and I hope each person has the same wonderful experience as you did. Happy Cooking!

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