Busy Bee

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. Friday morning, Richie Lee and I got up early and I drove him to Hansen with all his gear.  I dropped him off and drove back down to Courtney. I took a shower and went over to the lab to get some blood work done. (Richie was diagnosed with high cholesterol so I figured it was safe to get my blood work and blood sugar tested as well). It really hurt; my arm was sore all day and a nasty bruise was forming. I picked up Richie’s gear from the field op down the street from my house. I will never understand why he had to go all the way to Hansen, just to take a HumVee back down to Courtney (where we live).  After I got home, I Skyped with my Pop and talked to Annie.  Then to my surprise Richie came home! I already had made plans with Amber so I hung out with Richie for a little while and then went to Amber’s to wait with her for the cable guy.  We talked to the cable guy and learned that he had been a Marine (in the 80s) and had married a Okinawan woman and stayed in Okinawa for the last 25 years. It was crazy to hear his story about how much he loves it here and never wants to move back to the States. It gave me a new perspective on the island.

Amber and I stopped at my house to say hi to Richie and get a package to take to the post office. Then we drove down to Kadena (all by ourselves!) and got our eyebrows waxed (and met an awesome stylist). Then we went to the BX and did a quick shopping trip. By the time we got done with the commissary and I got home it was 6pm. After a great day of girl time, I was so happy to get home to him! We went over to Tengan and got a quick dinner (steak and fries, yummm). We slept in Saturday morning and when we woke up we decided to get McDonald’s breakfast! But sadly, it was after 1030am so we got ready and feasted on Taco Bell for lunch instead!  Feeling very adventurous we started driving with our map in hand. After getting turned around and slightly confused ( its impossible to get truly lost on the island), we ended up on Cape Zanpa. There is a beautiful light house and cliffs that are open to the public.

Richie and I climbed over some rocks and looked over the edges of the cliffs (scary stomach dropping feeling). It was extremely beautiful and I couldn’t help but enjoy the view. We went over to the lighthouse and checked out the little museum in the bottom (I wish I knew how to read Japanese). It cost 200 yen to climb to the top and we thought it would be quick (my thighs are burning from all the climbing). We climbed about 12-15 stories. At the top you climbed a ladder and crawled through a small door (4 x4 feet). The platform went all the way around the light house and offered a beautiful view of the cliffs (and the man fishing down on the side of the cliff).  The other side showed the beach and the clear water and the jet skis and tube riders. We took a bunch of pictures and caught our breath after the climb. Eventually, we headed back down and got ice cream. (I went to use the bathroom and the toilet was in the floor!) We tried soft-serve vanilla and beni-omi (potato) flavor.

Sarah, Derek and Marshall (our neighbors; part of the 455 crew) met us at the beach. We walked in the water and listened to the 80s music blaring over the stereo. Then Sarah showed us the amazing, fabulous “Delicious Sushi”. It is a little restaurant with the menu on the wall (the calories as well for those of us who are calorie counting). You place your order at the counter with the owner. He gives you your drinks and then sets to making your sushi all on his own. He does a wonderful job and makes not only delicious (pun intended) sushi but also decorative and creative looking rolls. While you wait for your order, you can work on origami. I failed miserably at that.  We also looked at a few cars but not the one I really want. I am hoping to meet up with him today and have a look at the Pajero. :). Once we got home, I quickly threw the meatballs and sauce into the crock pot and headed over to Ladies Night. I only stayed for an hour because Richie was sitting at home (he was supposed to be working) and I didn’t want to leave him all night since he works all next weekend.  We just hung out once I got home.

Today we are being lazy and watching television. We may take Shisha over to the beach and we have to get Richie’s haircut. I’m all for just lying around, that fresh island air really wore me out yesterday! I’m starting to feel a lot better about living here. Talking to the cable guy and actually seeing some of the cool places the island has to offer made me excited to go on more adventures. I just can’t believe another weekend has already passed. This Friday we will have been here for two months and we have been married for five months! Where does the time go?!


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