Learning to Be a Marine Wife

Last night Richie Lee comes home with new cami pants and he needs the name tape sewn on. I spent two hours learning how to sew on this name tape.  It wasn’t perfect by any means but I did it! I wrote a post a while ago called “Everyday Lessons”, I talked about remembering to empty the pockets of his uniforms before washing and drying them. Last night, I taught myself how to sew. Why do I do this? I am learning how to be a Marine Wife. We aren’t going to always have time to take his clothes to the dry cleaners and have them altered. We aren’t always going to have time to take things pressed and starched.  Sometimes, I’m going to have to do things that I don’t know how to do or even don’t feel like doing. Because I am a Marine Wife! I support my husband and in return he supports me and loves me with all that he has. Living in the military life isn’t easy (no one said it was) and it’s a learning process. The easy part is loving him and following him wherever the Marine Corps sends him . The hard part is starting over in a new place, a new country; making new friends and making a home. I can do it because I’m strong and smart. It’s all part of growing up.

Next thing to learn, how to cut his hair!


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