Oh, Yay Weekend and Now It’s Over!

The weekends in Okinawa fly by. I don’t even know if the actually happened sometimes. Last weekend was a typhoon so for three days (two work days and a Saturday) we were stuck in the house and did nothing except read and snuggle and video games.  Then, it was Sunday which felt like the first real weekend day. We got up and had egg beaters scrambled for breakfast (for those of you counting at home, that’s 60 calories for a half a cup). I like to sprinkle my eggs with low-fat cheddar and Richie likes to put ketchup on his! We took the little Shisha girl out for a walk. She was so happy to be outside after being stuck in the house.

Then we went to get the BIG TV! It’s not huge because frankly we just don’t have a tv stand that can hold that and because our living room isn’t all that big. Our little tv was a flat screen about 28-30 inches. So not terribly small but not large by any means.  We went to the PX last week and decided that a 40 inch or a 42 inch would be a decent size television for our little living room.  We settled on the Sony Bravia 40 Inch with a built in Blu Ray Player! (The best part about buying things on base? No Sales Tax!) We also bought a printer that works as a scanner and a fax machine (we forgot printer paper). They gave us a little hand cart to push the television out to the car. Then Richie pushed me back to the store while I sat on the cart.(yes, we did run into our neighbors while I was riding on the cart haha).  We brought our lovely new and improved television home and he hooked it up and it fit nicely on top of the wooden bookcase that Mom restored for us. It just takes about ten more inches than the old tv did. 🙂

Of course, we got a movie to play on our new blu ray player! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! It was really good except it was just getting to the good part when it ended! I have already read the books and see Part 2 so I know what happens but Richie was sad to see the movie end. It really made me want to re read my Harry Potter books but of course I left them in Maryland with my mom. I also made lasagna for dinner last night. It turned out really good, of course we splurged a little on calories with the ricotta but we did whole grain noodles and sauce and low-fat cheese to sprinkle on top. Richie took some with him for overnight duty.  So far in my counting calories, I have lost 4.5 pounds. 🙂

I have a few tricks that I have learned while trying to lose those few extra pounds. First, drink lots of water. It may feel like you will have to be a thousand times a day but its good for you. Studies show that you should drink ten glasses of water a day. That is 80 ounces to stay hydrated.  Most people barely drink 32 ounces a day. (That is the size of two water bottles). Being hydrated will keep you from feeling hunger pangs (which most likely are thirst pangs) when you are already full. Second, don’t try to go below 1200 calories a day. It is just not healthy and it makes you feel weak and cranky. I use Livestrong.com to count my calories and to see how many calories I need to lose weight.  At my starting weight (147 lbs) if I wanted to lose between 1.5 and 2 lbs a week I would have to stick to 1200 calories daily. This was depending on my activity level ( light). I say that my activity level is light because mostly during the day I do light cleaning, walking the dog and playing on the computer. For those of you who have jobs that keep you on your feet, have kids or both your activity would be moderate to very active. If you only sit at the computer all day and do not do a lot of things on your feet, you would say you were sedentary. There is a separate section to add exercise and the amount of calories you burn when you work out. So far in 11 days I am really starting to see some progress.  I am starting to learn that checking foods for fat content and cholesterol is great but it really is about portion control. If you eat too much of anything then your diet becomes unbalanced and you won’t feel good.  Third, between each meal we should eat a little snack in order to keep our metabolism up and running. If I eat breakfast and wait 5 hours to eat lunch my metabolism slows down. So in between when I start to get a bit hungry I grab a string cheese (weight watchers 50 calories) or eat a bowl of carrots (1/3 cup of raw carrots is 30 calories).  Not only are these snacks healthy and filling, they keep me from pigging out at lunch and from getting cranky.

For those of us in Japan, a good thing is that Sushi is really good for you. Fish has all kinds of nutrients and as long as we don’t drown it in soy sauce, it is actually a very healthy meal. I’m lucky to be going to get some sushi today at Delicious! (Let’s hope it lives up to its name).  I guess I’m growing up now because I’d rather eat healthy and cook dinners than live on easy mac every day!


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